Forter is an American Business Awards Finalist

UPDATE: Forter is delighted to announce that we are the proud recipient of a Silver Stevie! We’re truly honored to have our product and its impact recognized by these renowned awards.

They’re called “the Oscars of the business world” and, as that suggests, they’re as prestigious as it gets. Forter is thrilled to announce that the company has been chosen as a Finalist in the 2015 American Business Awards.

Named “the Stevies” to connect them to the Greek word “Stephen”, meaning “crowned”, the purpose of the awards is to recognize and celebrate the achievements and contributions of businesses or professional individuals around the globe.

“So many fascinating and inspiring stories of success were submitted to the ABAs this year,” said Stevie Awards president and founder Michael Gallagher.  “We congratulate all of our 2015 Finalists on their achievements.”

Forter and the Stevies

The Stevies were first created to “restore public confidence” in business and businesses following the Enron scandal which shocked the world in 2001. Since Forter’s mission is to make e-commerce safer, simpler and smoother for consumers and companies alike, through providing highly accurate, instant approve/decline decisions for every transaction and removing the fear of fraud so that companies can make growth-oriented decisions with confidence, we feel that our nomination reflects the continued importance of the initial mission of the Stevies.

Maslow’s Pyramid

If you’re wondering why the award itself features a figure holding a triangle, well, that’s Stevie, and he’s holding a representation of a pyramid, to echo the idea behind Maslow’s Pyramid. Once the more basic needs are met, such as physiological needs and safety, humans desire/require more ephemeral qualities such as love/belonging, self-esteem and, ultimately, self-actualization.

The idea of Maslow’s hierarchy actually resonated with us beyond the obvious (that the Stevies are a form of promoting self-esteem). E-commerce helps provide shoppers with their basic, physiological needs, as well as products that help them to build their self-esteem and develop as individuals. Forter helps to provide safety within that environment, and certainly within the company we have a strong internal feeling of belonging which stems from the passion each employee feels for our product and our mission as a company.

As for self-actualization… Well, we won’t claim to have attained perfection, but through the combination of machine learning and expert analysis, our system improves continually, becoming more and more accurate, better and better at blocking the bad guys and approving genuine but apparently risky customers.

We’re honored and delighted to have been chosen as Finalists for the 2015 American Business Awards. Share in our excitement by spreading the news!

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