Forter Wins Big in Golden Bridge Awards

Forter is proud to announce that it has been awarded prizes in 7 of the categories of the prestigious Golden Bridge Awards of 2016. The company has received 3 Gold and 3 Bronze awards, and a Grand Trophy which has been awarded to only 5 of the numerous entrants.

CEO Michael Reitblat commented, “This is a resounding success. We are absolutely delighted to have received 7 awards in a single year, including a Grand Trophy and 3 Gold. I feel that this is a powerful sign of recognition that Forter is filling a true need in e-commerce: using innovation to make fraud prevention’s crucial role at checkout customer-centered rather than fraud-focused, to enable frictionless customer experience, faster fulfillment and more sales.”

The categories in which Forter received prizes are as follows: Grand Trophy. Gold: Information Technology (Services) – Innovations; Mobile Innovative Products or Services – Innovations; Risk Management Solution. Bronze: Cloud Computing/SaaS/Internet; Technology (All) Innovations – Cloud Computing/SaaS/Internet; Company Growth of the Year.

A Gold Award for Risk Management Solution is an obvious fit – Forter’s risk management solution is extremely accurate, so much so that the company is able to offer a full chargeback guarantee and at the same time provide its customers with high approval rates. The system is continually updated by Forter’s highly trained team of fraud research experts, many of whom come from a background in military intelligence.

What’s particularly noticeable, though, is how many of these awards are for Innovation. This is more important than you may realize. The recently published Gartner Hype Cycle for Risk Management Solutions recommended:

“Favor vendors that implement multiple fraud detection layers, as well as provide user and peer group profiling, behavioral analytics and integration of external threat and identity intelligence. Don’t consider legacy fraud detection technology adequate if the vendor fails to keep up with criminal trends. Replace or complement the technology with solutions from vendors that continue to innovate, which is a necessity when combating rapidly evolving criminal behavior.”

Innovation in fraud prevention is crucial for 2 reasons:

  1. The need to outwit clever fraudsters who are continually looking for new ways to trick and steal
  2. The need to keep up with demanding consumer expectations in a world where customers can buy with one click and request delivery within two hours.

It is for these reasons that Forter invests so heavily in research and innovation. Unlike other fraud prevention companies, Forter does not perform manual reviews – since Forter’s system provides entirely automated real-time yes/no decisions, there’s no need for manual reviews.

Instead, Forter’s team of fraud experts engage in constant research into transaction data, consumer buying patterns, technological possibilities and the fraudster ecosystem, continually improving the system and adapting it to meet the latest fraudster techniques.

The result is fraud prevention that supports rather than strangles checkout – customer-centered fraud prevention that empowers a frictionless customer experience, faster fulfillment and more sales.

We’re honored and happy that this new approach to fraud prevention and the system that make it possible are multi-award-winning, too.

To find out how Forter’s new generation fraud prevention can help you both combat the fraudsters and increase sales with real-time decisions covered by a guarantee, check out this newsletter hosted by Gartner.


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