Forter’s Stevie Awards Success: 1 Gold, 2 Silver

Forter is proud and happy to announce that the company has been awarded 3 “Stevie” Awards in the International Business Awards of 2016.

Forter has received the Gold for Startup of the Year – Business Products Industries, and the Silver for both Most Innovative Company of the Year – in the Americas and Startup of the Year – Business Services Industries.

Following hot on the heels of Forter’s tremendous success in the Golden Bridge Awards, these awards are helping make sure that we’re having a very upbeat summer indeed. It’s very rewarding to see how people are responding to Forter’s answer to a real need that many companies didn’t even realize had a solution.

The Stevies were created “to honor and generate public recognition of the achievements and positive contributions of organizations and working professionals worldwide.”

The Stevies are the world’s premier business awards, and the extent of Forter’s success this year is a strong indication of the importance of Forter’s innovation to online businesses worldwide. E-commerce, mobile commerce and phone orders all represent great opportunities, but in order to grasp the potential they represent, companies need to be guided by a customer-centered mindset.

For many years, fraud prevention had to be an exception to that rule. With manual reviews and rigid rules essential elements of blocking online fraud, merchants had no choice but to protect themselves against losses even when that meant turning away good but risky-looking orders, or annoying and delaying good customers.

Forter is proof that those norms no longer hold true. Forter is the first to offer full automation of fraud prevention decisions, making fraud prevention as frictionless and smooth as retailers would like all of their checkout to be.

These awards reflect the impact that a startup can have on the existing ecosystem when the product is something that companies and customers need. Decision as a Service® definitely fits that description – real-time, automated, guaranteed decisions for every transaction mean checkout online can finally stop being fraud-focused, and start being customer-centered.

Moreover Forter’s made-for-mobile abilities for mobile fraud prevention, as discussed in Forrester’s report on Enterprise Mobile Fraud Management have come into their own over the last year, as companies increasingly see their customers coming and buying via mobile devices.

Forter’s technological prowess, analytical insights and excellent results are made possible, of course, through innovation, something that Forter has been recognized for many times with numerous awards and, most recently, by being named a Garter Cool Vendor in 2016.

To find out more about Forter’s system in action, check out this case study.


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