Forter is looking for a unique Data Scientist to be at the junction of fraud-analysis and Machine Learning – extracting insights and delivering components of logic, which is the heart and soul of what we do.

Stuff you’ll be doing:

  • Model the way fraudsters behave to improve real-time detection.
  • Oversee fraud experts with the definition of attributes and feature engineering.
  • Find techniques to extract domain knowledge from the fraud experts and automate it for use in real time.
  • Find techniques for automated learning from the data, which is meso-big and only sometimes tagged.
  • Implement the use of machine learning best practices.


Experience you’ll need:

  • Experienced and fluent in data manipulation, probability, and statistical techniques and tools.
  • Ability to present a quantitative aspect and influence non quantitative colleagues.
  • Strong skills utilizing Python for Data Science.
  • Capable with algorithms, processes and specification to R&D.


Read all about our latest fund raise on TechCrunch! We’re looking for a passionate person with a vision and great attitude to grow with us… If you’re up to the challenge, please send your CV to: