Forter 服务水平协议


This Service Level Agreement sets forth the terms under which Merchant shall be entitled to receive maintenance and support services from Forter (“Support Services”) in connection with the Platform and the Services (as those terms defined in the Merchant Services Agreement).

  1. Definitions

    For the purposes of this Service Level Agreement, the following terms will be used:

    Merchant Agreement: The Merchant Services Agreement entered into between Merchant and Forter.

    Error: A reproducible failure of the Services to perform a function in accordance with the applicable technical specifications.

    Critical Error: A failure of the Services which causes fraud decision advice not to be provided due to an issue in the Forter API servers.

    High Priority Error: Merchant experiences a loss of key Service features due to an issue in Forter’s API service or decision dashboard rendering some operational functionality unavailable. For example, lack of significant decision dashboard transactions functionality.

    Medium Priority Error: Merchant is experiencing a limited loss of functionality within the Service with no impact to fraud decision advice (e.g., an error in one of the sections of the decision dashboard insights data, quick search disabled).

    Low Priority Error: Minor issues that do not impact client workflow significantly e.g. single browser restrictions, issue within chargeback ticket attachment, usability enhancements. Any error that is not a Critical Error, a High Priority Error or a Medium Priority Error.

    Normal Business Hours: 09:00 to 17:00, U.S. EST, Monday to Friday (excluding public holidays).

  2. Support Services

    Forter shall provide merchant, during the term of the Merchant Agreement, with certain Support Services in order to enable Merchant to notify Forter of any Error and seek assistance in inquiries regarding the platform, as set forth in this Section 2.

    • Error Reporting. In order to report any Error to Forter, Merchant should use Forter’s Help Desk Merchant shall send Support Services requests in accordance with contact method set out opposite the type of Error as set forth in the table below. In addition, for clarification questions regarding the Platform functionality, Merchant can reach out to their Forter Account Manager during Normal Business Hours. Merchant shall provide Forter with sufficient details to enable Forter to accurately diagnose and reproduce such Error such as error logs, screenshots, browser and OS version, order identifiers, etc.
    • Error Classification. Once the Merchant notifies Forter’s Help Desk of an Error, Forter shall classify the Error as a Critical, High, Medium, or Low Priority error, upon which the following response and resolution times shall apply:
        • Critical Error: Email to a dedicated email address which is connected to Forter’s paging mechanism. In addition, it is recommended to phone the Account Manager during work hours in US time so that the Account Manager can assist in streamlining communications.
          • Initial Response Time: Within one (1) hour, 24/7
        • High Priority Error: Email to [email protected], with the Forter Account Manager cc’ed. Optionally, you can also notify Forter engineering via the direct communication channel used during integration and for ongoing technical updates.
          • Initial Response Time: Within two (2) business hours
        • Medium Priority Error: Email to [email protected] , with the Forter Account Manager cc’ed.
          • Initial Response Time: Within one (1) business day
        • Low Priority Error: Email to [email protected] , with the Forter Account Manager cc’ed.
          • Initial Response Time: Within two (2) business days

      Note: Forter may attempt to contact Merchant within the initial response time to clarify the issue and the business impact and will initiate the resolution process to detect the root cause and provide a solution or workaround that reduces the severity of the applicable problem. Forter will make reasonable commercial efforts to provide final resolution of Errors as soon as practicable, considering the severity of the Error, the details provided by Merchant and the cause of the Error.

    • Error Correction. Forter will use reasonable efforts to confirm existence of an Error and to correct the Error, by providing a fix, patch, workaround, or any other reasonable solution. While Forter shall endeavor to correct all Errors, Merchant acknowledges that not all Low Priority Errors will be corrected or that a fix, patch, workaround, or any other offered solution will be found. Forter cannot and does no warrant or represent that any or all Errors can or will be corrected.
    • Measurement. Support Services response time are measured by Forter from the time the Error is received by Forter with sufficient details about the Error via the contact methods above. Otherwise, the guaranteed response time will not apply.
  3. Service Availability

    Forter will use commercially reasonable efforts to maintain the Service uptime levels set forth below.

    3.1 Forter APIs

    • General
      – Retry Policy –
      In order to prevent connection failovers due to internet network failures, Merchant is required to limit the HTTP requests timeout to a few seconds, as defined per service below. In the event of exceptions or an error from the API, Merchant will retry the API call a few times, as defined per service.– Query Rate Limit –
      The uptime definitions are based on a query rate limit per second as defined per service below. Forter’s scalable software architecture can accommodate a higher query rate limit if needed. If you require a higher query rate limit, please contact us in order to elaborate on your needs.
    • Transaction Validation API
      The Transaction validation API will maintain an uptime of 99.99%, measured on a quarterly basis. This API Service is used to provide Merchant with Forter’s fraud decision at the time of the transaction. The uptime is calculated as the percent of orders that were processed by Forter in one of the two consecutive attempts (single retry policy) and receive a response within a 2 second window assuming a query rate limit of up to 50 queries per second.
    • Additional APIs
      Accounts API, Order Status API, and Claims API will maintain an uptime of 99.5% measured on a quarterly basis. The uptime is calculated as the percent of orders that were processed by Forter in one of the two consecutive attempts (single retry policy) and received a response within a 2 second window, assuming a query rate limit of up to 50 queries per second.

    3.2 Forter Decision Dashboard / “The Portal”

    • The Portal will maintain an uptime of 99.5% on a quarterly basis.
    • The uptime means that a user will be able to log in to the Platform Portal and use its functionalities during the defined reference period, excluding planned maintenance windows which will be communicated to the Merchant at least 3 days in advance.
    • In case of failure, Merchant is required to send an Email Forter Customer Success team, with details about the failure. Forter will respond within 1 business day.
    • Feedback on decisions, including “please review” requests of transactions, will be supported through the Portal. These requests will be supported up to 1% of transactions and responded within 6 hours during business hours.

    3.3 Web-hooks (Notifications API)

    • Web-hooks will maintain an uptime of 99.5% on an annual basis, and a response time of 1 day.
    • Web-hooks APIs are triggered from Forter due to a decision change. In order to be handled successfully, they require a valid working server on Merchant’s side.
    • Uptime in this section means that at least for the stated percentage of decision changes that are configured to be sent via web-hook, Forter will send a notification to Merchant’s server configured with Forter within the response time or faster. In case Forter does not get a successful response from Merchant, Forter will retry at least 3 times over the following 24 hours.
    • In cases where Forter is not sending the notification on a decision change due to a problem on Forter’s Platform, or if Forter is not receiving a confirmation from the Order Status API, Forter will bill/cover according to the original decision.
  4. Exclusions

    The Services set forth herein shall not include, and Forter shall not be responsible or liable to correct, and Error caused by: (i) Merchant’s failure to use the Platform and Services or any part thereof in accordance with instructions included in the documentation provided with the Platform; (ii) negligence, misuse, abuse or mishandling of the Platform or Services by Merchant or any third party; (iii) inappropriate environmental conditions (such as network problems, power and air-conditioning failures) or failure of Merchant to maintain the configuration environment set out in the Services’ specifications or any technical issue unrelated to the Platform; (iv) failure of devices note provided by Forter; (v) actual or attempted modification, alteration, or addition to the Platform other than by Forter; or (vi) any issue in the integration or communication of Merchant properties with the Platform or Services.

  5. Force Majeure

    Forter shall not be liable for any failure to perform its obligations hereunder when such failure is due to events beyond its reasonable control, such as, without limitation, flood, earthquake, fire, acts of God, military insurrection, civil riot, or labor strike.