At Manolo Blahnik our ethos is to optimize not maximize which has enabled us to focus on steady, organic growth. Partnering with like-minded companies such as Forter has been central to this success.
Kristina Blahnik
More than 300 retail outlets globally
Forter customer since 2019

Improving customer experience through automated fraud management

Manual review & rules impacting customer experience

Creating a great e-commerce experience was important to their expansion plans, but tricky given the nature of the clientele. Relying on rules and manual reviews to evaluate fraud meant many “high risk” transactions were initially declined, leading to unhappy customers, lost opportunities, and potential reputational hit. 

Automating fraud management key to e-Commerce growth

To make online shopping viable, Manolo Blahnik needed to ensure a high quality customer experience with easy access to products and no holdups at checkout. The company required an automated approach to fraud management that delivered real-time, accurate decisions to reduce friction for legitimate customers, and stop fraudsters. 

Automation & global data network reduces friction, happier customers

Forter’s Payment Protection and access to a global network of more than 750 million consumers to understand buying behavior has had an immediate impact on Manolo Blahnik’s business. Approval rates for online transactions have increased by more than 10%, to 99%; the reduced friction has meant happier customers and more revenue. 

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Schedule a custom demo to learn more about how Forter can help your business