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Real-time, automated decisions tailored for your business

Automation That’s Tailored to Fit

Forter’s unique combination of machine learning with human expertise and ongoing
research means that the system is highly responsive to fast-moving fraudsters
who continually devise new ways to steal.

Machine Learning with a Human Touch

Our fraud protection system, powered by a sophisticated patented algorithm, is adapted to each merchant’s risk profile during integration. Since this process not only uses machine learning but also is informed by our experts and their analysis of historical data, the system is accurate as soon as it goes live and adapts quickly to changing trends and norms.
Forter’s full automation is designed for scale. Forter will provide instant approve/decline decisions for every transaction without a hitch, even at the busiest time of year. The lack of reliance on manual reviews has an infosecurity advantage, too; fewer people accessing your data means fewer vulnerabilities.

Understanding the Context
of a Transaction

The moment a potential customer lands on a website, Forter’s system begins tracking their behavior and comparing even the subtle elements of their actions to known and tested behavioral trends. At purchase, the model reviews the numerous attributes, including behavioral analytics, cyber intelligence, velocity and device fingerprinting which are connected to that transaction. It analyzes how all of these and more factors interlink, and how the transaction connects in numerous ways to other transactions. The algorithm balances the relative importance of each element and puts the information in context, building up a detailed picture of the story behind the transaction.

Real-Time Approve/Decline Decision

Once a customer has clicked to purchase, Forter’s system returns an approve/decline decision in milliseconds. The decision will appear within the retailer’s own system, and more details of the transaction can be viewed in the Forter Decision Dashboard, where the transaction window shows some of the information that was key to making the decision, such as geo-location, behavioral data and payment details.


Forter engages in extensive monitoring to ensure a very high level of service. We monitor our own systems to provide “always on” availability and real-time speed for every decision, we monitor our data collection to ensure zero impact on your site, and we monitor the data we receive so that any anomalies are caught and investigated quickly. (As a matter of fact, on a number of occasions we caught problems on our clients’ sites before they did.)

Fast Integration

Forter’s developers work to tailor our API to suit your existing platform. Forter’s fraud decisions for every transaction will be visible from within your own system, with further details available in the Forter Decision Dashboard.

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Mobile Friendly for Mobile Accuracy

Forter’s system maintains accuracy on mobile by treating your mobile commerce as a channel in its own right, not as a subsection of e-commerce.

Unique to

There are all kinds of things you can learn uniquely from mobile devices. Many of them are valuable for stopping fraud. Forter researches how to find and leverage this data, for truly accurate fraud prevention that’s invisible to good customers.

Distinctively Different
on Mobile

Some elements of fraud prevention familiar from e-commerce are just as useful for fighting mobile fraud – but they have to be understood in the mobile context. E.g., customer behavior has different norms on mobile. Do you know what they are? Forter does.

Lost in Translation from

Not all of the data you rely on for e-commerce will be relevant for mobile. Forter knows which data points are valuable, and which simply add noise and confusion. Moreover, Forter tracks users across multiple devices – a necessity in today’s omnichannel environment.

Forter named to 2018 Forbes Fintech 50

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