Increase Revenue and Reduce Fraud – for You and Your Merchants

Differentiate your solution to grow your merchant portfolio while minimizing risk. Reduce false positive declines and chargebacks by up to 90%.

“Fraud prevention is a critical component to the success of our payment platform, built around optimising conversion rates and reducing fraud for our customers. Forter’s integrated platform provides incredibly fast and precise fraud decisions on all transactions and is fully scalable to support our rapid growth.”

Lennart Koopmans
CEO, Magnius

Grow your business without fear of fraud

Increase Revenue
Improve your approval and authorization rates to increase revenue with accurate fraud decisions, while differentiating your portfolio to attract more merchants.
Best-in-class Merchant Experience
Provide your merchants with increased revenue and a chargeback guarantee. 100% automation and scalability ensures a painless integration for merchants and requires no additional resources for rules or manual reviews.
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Keep Up with Regulatory Requirements
Up-to-date, built-in functionality to support global regulatory requirements, such as requiring additional authentication for PSD2 compliance when required.

Forter Fraud Prevention Platform for PSPs

Forter’s continuously updated platform is powered by machine learning, fraud expertise, and an expanding global data network of over 750 million unique e-commerce customers around the world, resulting in the most accurate fraud decisions. Forter protects businesses against fraud, not only at payment, but also against account-based fraud, returns abuse, and more.

Real-time Fraud Decisions
Forter's automated platform provides instantaneous approve or decline decisions. There is no need to perform manual reviews.
Global Support and Capabilities
Forter provides white-glove support tailored to global languages and timezones, as well as capabilities meeting region-specific requirements.
Chargeback Guarantee
Forter’s fraud decisions are highly accurate, backed by a chargeback guarantee without caps. Remove financial liability for your merchants.

Easy Integration

A single, direct integration with Forter’s platform enables the solution for any of your merchants, regardless of industry or market. Merchant onboarding is simple and does not require creation or maintenance of rules.

3D Secure

Through integration with Forter’s pre-authorization fraud decisioning to preemptively block fraud, Forter executes 3DS authentication only when absolutely necessary for compliance or to increase issuer authorization, avoiding unnecessary friction for legitimate customers.

Portfolio Management Dashboard

View onboarding status of your merchants, segmented KPIs, trends across industries and markets, and more through Forter’s user-friendly PSP dashboard.

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