An escalating commerce climate requires a new approach to fraud prevention

How to win at every interaction

How can merchants win at every interaction across the customer journey, from login to delivery to returns—not just at the point of transaction? They need a modern fraud prevention system that can answer two questions: “Do I know the digital identity behind this transaction to evaluate if they’re a legitimate buyer?” and “Can I trust this digital identity’s behavior on this site?”

Five essential capabilities

  • An integrated platform that provides protection across all customer touch points in the purchasing journey
  • A global data network
  • Machine learning for greater accuracy
  • Advanced fraud analytics
  • Tailoring of fraud models to an individual enterprise

Striking the right balance

With rising consumer expectations and emerging vectors of sophisticated fraud and abuse, businesses need to be prepared to better protect themselves and their customers. Download this white paper to learn how to strike the right balance between fraud and abuse prevention while ensuring a best-in-class customer experience and top line revenue growth.

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