Forter Connects Merchants With Issuing Banks to Help Increase Trust and Authorization Rates

451 Research Report

An astounding 90% of transactions that are declined by card issuers for suspected fraud are actually good transactions, creating a customer experience and revenue challenge for both card-issuing banks and online merchants.

This report from 451 Research examines how Forter Trusted Authorization is completely transforming the relationship between banks and merchants, resulting in increased level of trust based on deeper intelligence about the authenticity of transactions. Download the report to learn:

  • The negative impact that false declines have for both banks and merchants, with 30% of consumers saying a false decline significantly influences whether they will shop with a preferred brand or retailer
  • The impact of false declines on customer experience, revenue and loyalty
  • How Forter Trusted Authorization enables merchants to share data with banks to improve decision accuracy
  • Results from merchants and banks using Forter Trusted Authorization, including a 50% reduction in false declines

Download the Report to Start Balancing Fraud and CX