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Block fraud, not customers

Reduce false declines and chargebacks by up to 90%

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Maximize revenue and find the right balance with smarter fraud decisions

Eliminate fraud costs

Don’t let fraud impact your bottom line. Forter’s platform is powered by a global merchant network that identifies and blocks fraud before it hurts profits.

Approve more with confidence

Our proactive fraud platform provides accurate, real-time decisions for every transaction, allowing more good buyers in while keeping fraud out.

Protection at checkout

Make precise decisions at checkout about an individual’s trustworthiness based on near instant assessments (and linking) of 1B+ identities in our cross-merchant dataset.

The world’s leading brands trust Forter

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Enabling a smooth experience & safe growth

“We chose to partner with Forter to ensure that our customers enjoy a safe and smooth experience when booking travel on Priceline.”

Eric Lorenz, VP of Financial Operations
Eric Lorenz
VP of Financial Operations
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Home & Garden

Top-of-the-line service, tools, and reporting

“Forter’s team has provided exemplary service....We could not have asked for an easier implementation, and their online tools and reporting make it very easy to understand how we’re performing.”

Chris Brown, VP of Customer Care & Sales Support
Chris Brown
VP of Customer Care & Sales Support

Fashion & Beauty

Enjoying complete peace of mind

“Making the right fraud management decision gives you peace of mind. I don’t have to think about fraud.”

Jenna Flateman-Posner, VP of Digital
Jenna Flateman-Posner
VP of Digital

Make precise decisions about customer trustworthiness

Eliminate False Declines

Assess trustworthiness with precision in less than 400 milliseconds so you can approve far more genuine transactions and reject fraudsters.

Block Bad Actors with Confidence

Reduce loss and chargebacks by making precise decisions about customer trustworthiness at checkout.

Maintain Alignment with Issuing Banks

Our ever-expanding network connects the world’s leading brands, banks, and payment processors. Reduce bank declines by up to 85% and increase authorizations up to 3% through Forter Trusted Authorization.

Chargeback Guarantees

Guaranteed results regarding fraud chargebacks, approval rates, and response time SLAs.

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