Building Customer Loyalty

How Drizly was able to scale its delivery capabilities, offer new services and maintain trust all while adapting to a new reality

Watch our on-demand webinar to hear from Brian White, Drizly’s Director of Customer Experience on how the business has been able to meet demand and grow their business by more than 350% in 2020, while avoiding fraud and abuse. As part of the session, you’ll learn how Drizly was able to:

  • Scale its operations to attract and retain customers with on-demand services and a great experience
  • Build trust in the e-Commerce ecosystem (from partners to customers) and why building customer loyalty is so important to the Drizly brand
  • Manage the influx of new customers without increasing the risk of fraud or false declines

Watch the recording

Brian White
Director of Customer Experience, Drizly
Angela Whiteford
CMO, Forter