Food delivery is skyrocketing and it comes with fraud.

Learn how to protect your brand and customers

Our world is becoming increasingly more digital by the day, and consumer expectations are shifting as a result. Quick service restaurants, grocery stores and online food delivery services are seeing high traction with their digital ordering apps, and online food delivery is becoming the norm rather than the expectation.

But with this new foray into the digital world comes an increased risk for exploitation.

Hear Dany Naigeboren, Fraud Analyst Team Lead, and Daniel Shkedi, Sr. Product Marketing Manager share shifts in fraud trends in the food & beverage industry, and why real-time, automated fraud prevention is critical to quickly verify a customer’s identity to meet delivery and pickup needs. You’ll also learn:

  • Rising fraud vectors, like loyalty, gift card and delivery fraud
  • Upcoming trends that QSRs, grocery retail and online food delivery services should be aware of
  • Recommendations to protect your business and customers from falling victim to fraud

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Daniel Shkedi
Daniel Shkedi
Sr. Product Marketing Manager
Dany Naigeboren
Analytics Team Lead