Fortify online retail against ATO.

Protect your business from account takeover attacks & monetization

Account takeover (ATO) is a form of online identity theft where a fraudster gains unauthorized access to an individual’s account in a given system.

While data breaches are a common cause, it’s not always a requirement for a fraudster to take over an account. An integral part of the user’s online identity, online accounts have intrinsic value like stored payment instruments, personal data, loyalty points, and purchase history. Fraudsters are excellent at exploiting vulnerabilities and have created a flourishing e-crime hub in dark web marketplaces, where users’ account information is being sold for extremely low prices.

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  • Top methods used by fraudsters to takeover user accounts
  • How the user data being monetized
  • Impact of ATO on your business
  • How you can protect your valuable users and your brand without adding unnecessary friction

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Mamta Gupta
Director of Marketing, APAC
Gabriel Tubes
Analytics Team Lead