From checkout to delivery

Optimize the customer experience through automation

Customers today expect seamless shopping experiences when not only visiting, paying, and checking out on your e-commerce site, but also throughout their initial search activity, delivery, and even their ongoing relationship with your brand. As customer expectations evolve, e-commerce sellers are increasingly challenged to find automated solutions to address them.

Hear speakers from FenixCommerce, BORN Group, and Forter discuss how their companies approach optimization of various parts of the customer journey. In a panel/discussion format, they discuss:

  • Common challenges merchants face throughout the customer journey
  • How automation enables merchants to provide seamless experiences at scale
  • Best practices and recommendations on how to think about customer journey and experience optimization

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Angela Whiteford
CMO, Forter
Vince Cavasin
Head of Marketing, Fenix Commerce
Claudia Summers
VP of Business Development, BORN