Accuracy means more revenue

Machine learning is most effective when it’s combined with human creativity and constant research. Accurate fraud prevention is not just about having fewer chargebacks; it’s about maximizing revenue on all fronts. The ideal combination of expertise, speed and scale results in a system that optimizes every key metric and generates constant growth.

Accurate, Not Risk-Averse

Accuracy means that good customers are not rejected just because they show “risky” characteristics – something that has represented a key challenge for traditional approaches to fraud prevention. Sensitivity to individual behaviors and understanding of the relevant buyer personas are key to making decisions that are accurate, not risk-averse.

Adapting Fast to New Challenges

Forter’s fraud detection system is designed to be extremely sensitive to new fraudster trends and techniques, and machine learning helps it to react quickly to ensure that the system is always up to date and your site is always protected against the latest threats. Our researchers monitor new fraud methods in the online criminal underworld, and their discoveries are included into the machine.

Tailored to Fit Automation

Forter’s system is tailored to each customer from the very first day. The machine is trained on your data, and our team analyzes your buying patterns and norms and builds an understanding of them into the system. That happens during integration, so the results are accurate from the start. Once you’ve gone live, the research continues to ensure an ongoing optimization.

Real-time Decision

Full automation means a real-time decision for every single transaction. Customers never need to wait for someone to review their order – order confirmation and fulfillment can be instant and seamless – and each decision is backed by a full fraud chargeback guarantee. Things get easier for your Finance team as well, since an unpredictable element becomes predictable.

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What Our Customers Say

“Being able to provide that instant gratification is very valuable for us. It really differentiates us from other retailers and now all of our customers benefit from our fast processing time.”

Jennifer Soulé, President, OWC

“Having an instant approve/decline decision gives customers less time for buyer’s remorse. With Forter, we experience fewer cancellations and abandoned carts. All around, a better customer experience.”

Osher Karnowsky, GM, Jomashop

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