SAP customer Booktopia, achieved 0% chargeback loss with Forter
SAP customer Victorinox, increased approval rates to over 99% with Forter
A large global cosmetics retailer saw a 90% reduction in Account Takeover (ATO) abuse with Forter

Market-defining experiences that drive conversion and growth

Together, SAP and Forter are powering business agility through real-time fraud decisions that connect customer expectations and experiences, with superior outcomes. As the first and only SAP-certified fraud prevention partner, Forter boosts sales by knowing which customers to trust. Together, we approve more legitimate transactions every time, anywhere and on any device.

SAP-certified fraud protection

    Whether you’re transitioning from on-prem to the cloud or deploying a flexible hybrid model, SAP’s secure platform gives businesses the confidence to grow. Forter is the only SAP-certified fraud prevention partner, giving our team unique access to work in lockstep with SAP experts. Together, we’re creating a trusted, best-in-class integration that reduces time to value, eliminates implementation costs and enables your business for the future.

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