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Decision as a Service

Forter provides instant, guaranteed approve/decline decisions for every transaction, removing the burden and uncertainty of fraud.


The system is designed to treat all orders as “innocent unless proven guilty” to ensure high approval rates and frictionless checkout. Since Forter only charges for approved transactions, our interests are always aligned with yours. Moreover, our confidence in the system’s accuracy means we do not hesitate to offer a full fraud chargeback guarantee.


Integrated Intelligence

The secret behind Forter’s accuracy: integrating human creativity and experience into a system powered by machine learning.


Forter’s highly-trained team engage in constant research into transaction data, consumer buying patterns, technological possibilities and the fraudster ecosystem itself, and their discoveries are incorporated into the machine. The result: an automated system continually improved and adapted to meet the latest fraudster techniques.


Scale as Standard

Full automation means a system that runs smoothly and accurately no matter how busy the season. So fraud stops being an issue, at any scale.


A growing business can’t afford to worry about whether fraud prevention can handle growth, and no company likes the stress and security risk of teaching new staff all about their fraud systems just for the holidays. With full automation, that’s no longer a problem. Forter will provide a real-time decision no matter how much traffic your site gets on Cyber Monday.

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Artificial Intelligence + Human Expertise = ROI

Forter’s system replaces the delays and hassle induced by manual reviews, rules and scores. Our Integrated Intelligence combines human expertise with constant research and the power of machine learning to create an extremely accurate fraud protection system with higher approvals and lower chargeback rates.

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ROI Results

“Forter Generates New Sales By Reducing Customer Friction
And Opening New Markets”

15% green arrow up

More Approvals,
International Growth

83% blue arrow down

Fewer False Positives

“Chargeback costs are virtually eliminated”

Reduced Operational Costs

Forter in action

Case Studies

delivery CS

99.8% approval rate and 69% fraud chargeback decrease, real-time
enables 8 minute delivery window.

Fast Deliveries Fast Deliveries

Fiverr Image

Decline rate improved by 50%
checkout smoothed by dropping CVV requirement.

digitial goods Digital Goods

james allen CS

Decline rate improved by 50%,
fraud chargebacks decreased by 60%.

Jewelery Jewelry

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