With a holistic fraud - prevention solution, you need less than one second

Less than one second for automated, real-time decisions on every transaction

one secondto stop fraudsters at every step in the journey

one secondto deliver seamless experiences for valued customers

one secondto apply a tailor-made solution at scale

one secondto defeat fraudsters’ latest tools and techniques

one secondto increase approvals and drive growth




automated decisions
for all transactions

No scores. No guesswork. No manual steps that slow down the experience. Just automated decisions stopping fraudsters in their tracks, all in less than one second.

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Tailored exclusively

for your needs

We tailor our solution to your risk profile and specific pain points, and machine learning strengthens it with each interaction. The result is a solution that scales as you do.

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Accurate decisions drive

revenue growth

Preventing fraud is only half of the story. We help trusted customers complete their journey without delay, so you can fight all kinds of fraud while protecting valuable relationships.

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Transcend transactions

to protect the

entire experience

Checkout is only one part of the customer lifecycle. Forter examines every step in the journey, including account creation, coupon codes and much more.

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Expand your understanding

of fraud and abuse

Fraudsters are always innovating and improving their techniques, so our solution constantly evolves to prevent traditional and emerging tactics, including account takeover and promo abuse.

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