Fraud prevention that goes beyond transactions and chargeback coverage to protect every stage of the customer lifecycle.

Forter's End-to-End Identity-based fraud protection solution will provide your business with a framework of digital trust that you can rely on — both eliminating fraud and reducing abusive behavior.

Decision as a Service®

Receive real-time approve/decline decisions for every transaction, with the option of a full fraud chargeback guarantee. Enforce business compliance needs at point of transaction.

Total Touchpoint Protection

Protect users from account takeover and its consequences. Understand your customers and their accounts. Defend yourself against behaviors like coupon abuse and referral abuse.

Enhanced Customer Experience

Leverage an in-depth understanding of consumers to customize their journey, delivering a seamless experience across visits and brands. Dynamically adjust the checkout experience for each customer.

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Fully automated fraud prevention makes your site fast, smooth, and secure.

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Fraud prevention streamlines checkout, improves customer experience, and speeds up fulfillment.

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Charging only for approved transactions with the option of a full fraud chargeback guarantee makes fraud a single, predictable P&L item.

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Stop struggling to keep up with a mountain of manual reviews. Move from “crisis management” to collaboration and innovation.

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Rather than interrupting or frustrating it, Forter contributes to your personalized customer journey.

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100% Passionate About Trust at Every Touch

Forter in Action

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Fraudsters Move Fast: See What They've Been Up To in 2018 with Forter's Fraud Attack Index

Forter Named to 2018 Forbes Fintech 50

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97% Approval rate 40% Fraud chargeback improvement
“With Forter, we’ve found a fraud prevention solution that is just as centered around the customer as we are. That’s better for our customers and better for our sales.”
Andrej Makovicky, Project Manager,
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50% Decline rate improvemen 3%-5% Approvals increase (No CVV)
“We’re very pleased with the decline rates, and overall the impact of Forter on our business has been much greater than we expected.”
Kate Kagan, Senior Fraud Analyst, Fiverr
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99% Approval rate 21% False positive improvement
“Forter surpasses our expectations. It’s fraud prevention that equals growth, with higher approvals and seamless checkout.”
Eileen Thomas, Operations, Logistics and Risk Management, James Allen
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Tailored to Your Industry Needs

Physical Goods
Alternative Payments
Digital Goods
Mobile (SDK & API)

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Forter named to 2018 Forbes Fintech 50

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