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Identity Protection

Block fraudsters earlier in the customer journey

Stop account takeovers and block the creation of fake accounts to protect account integrity and drive customer loyalty

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Protect your customers’ accounts and your business with Forter Identity Protection

Stop Account Takeovers

Account takeover attempts increased by 79% last year. Forter Identity Protection detects account takeover attempts in real-time at sign-in and at other critical points before a transaction is initiated – including account profile modifications, loyalty point withdrawals, and transfers.

Block fake account creation

Attempts to create fake and duplicate accounts are on the rise. These accounts are ultimately used by both fraudsters and legitimate customers to perpetuate fraud like card testing, fraudulent earning of incentives, and more. Forter Identity Protection works by understanding the “who” behind a transaction and helps to keep your platform secure by ensuring bad actors are blocked and that legitimate customers honor limits you set for the number of accounts they’re allowed to create.

Balance security and customer experience

Keep your customer data and loyalty programs secure without adding excess friction for your good customers. Forter Identity Protection allows you to reduce your reliance on MFA to cases only when it is absolutely necessary to verify an identity.

The world’s leading brands trust Forter


Reducing loyalty fraud helps build relationships

“(Working with Forter) has just made us more efficient so we can focus on bigger security problems. For a first time buyer, I don’t have to build a reputation database…I have now transferred the risk (to Forter), and that helps me sleep a little better at night”

Joe McManus
Chief Security Officer

Make identity-based account decisions

Protect customer accounts

Stop Account Takeovers at login before fraudsters exploit customer credentials and stored values from loyalty programs

Ensure marketplace integrity

Block single identities from creating fake or duplicate accounts to perpetuate fraud, card testing, or wrongfully collecting signup incentives like referral rewards

Optimize multi-factor authentication

Route to MFA only when absolutely necessary to confirm identity, giving legitimate customers a smoother experience while keeping bad actors out

Tap into a global identity graph

Every Forter decision is based on our global identity graph of 1.2B+ online identities, so you instantly know who to trust – and who to block

Take the next step in stopping account takeovers, and blocking fake and duplicate accounts

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