Forter and Endava

Accelerate growth, optimize payments and maximize revenue.

Better Together

Forter and Endava

Maximize revenue and minimize risk with Forter and Endava’s cutting-edge fraud detection and prevention solutions. Reduce fraud, enhance customer trust, and confidently navigate the complexities of digital transactions to accelerate growth.

How we work together

  • Streamline integration with Endava’s implementation services
  • Elevate your data with Endava’s quality assurance
  • Maximize revenue with Forter’s >99% average approval rate
  • Slash fraud operation costs and minimize losses by 75% on average
  • Customize approval processes for greater fraud control
  • Boost loyalty with frictionless, secure customer experiences

About Endava

For over two decades, Endava has harnessed the power of technology to drive meaningful change. By combining world-class engineering, industry expertise and a people-centric mindset, Endava consults with customers to create technological solutions that drive innovation and transform businesses.

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“To protect the business it’s imperative that we meet customer requirements. Forter’s integrated, real time approach to fraud prevention has been central to building trust and operational excellence.”

Jessie Carstens
Global Director, eComm Operations

Unbeatable Results

On average, businesses reduce false declines by 42% and see an ROI uplift of 6-10% with contractual commitments with Forter’s Trust Platform

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