“To protect the business it’s imperative that we meet customer requirements. Forter’s integrated, real time approach to fraud prevention has been central to building trust and operational excellence.”
Jesse Carstens
Global Director, eComm Operations
$1.9 billion in worldwide revenue, 3,200 employees
Forter customer since 2019

Manual review slowed approvals, impacted fulfillment & experience

Manual review slowed approvals, impacted fulfillment & experience

A key part of the company’s international expansion has been ensuring a seamless and timely experience. However a reliance on a rules-based fraud prevention solution and manual reviews was slowing transaction approvals which delayed order fulfillment and impacted overall customer experience.

Automating fraud to help scale the business

Automation would allow the business to scale to take advantage of market opportunities and address seasonal demand. Processing transactions in real-time would reduce the risk of fraud and improve the customer experience by reducing friction. Integration with SalesForce Commerce Cloud would support the entire e-Commerce journey.

Increased approval rates & integration with entire journey

Forter’s accurate, real-time decisioning has helped increase approval rates to 98%. In addition to processing more transactions, Deckers has focused on order fulfillment efficiency to meet customer demand. Completed within 4 weeks, SalesForce Commerce Cloud integration has reduced friction across the customers’ e-Commerce journey.

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