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Maximize revenue on your Magento Commerce store

Easily add Forter’s tailored fraud prevention plug-in to your tech stack, so you’ll know which customers you can trust in real-time, every time.

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    Tailored fraud prevention, designed for business growth

    Maximize approvals

    with accurate, real-time decisions. No rules or manual reviews needed.

    Inspire loyalty

    by eliminating false declines and reducing friction across all touchpoints.

    Scale with confidence

    with a fully-automated platform, tailored to your business needs and goals.

    “Today’s consumers have high expectations of the brands they buy from. They expect to shop with full confidence and security across any channel and service. With Forter, Magento merchants can deliver against those expectations and are able to provide the seamless experiences customers expect, while accepting more transactions.”

    Cody Crnkovich
    Head of Partner Programs

    Magento merchants growing with Forter

    Approval Rate

    “Working with Forter has changed our approach to fraud management, drastically improving our approval rate, and helping build greater trust in our fraud capabilities. We can now provide a more positive, seamless experience for our clients as well as strengthening our e-commerce.”

    Kristina Blahnik
    Approval Rate

    “No more scores, no more lengthy review queues--Forter has taken the guesswork out of fraud prevention and we couldn’t be happier with the results.”

    Ena Easton
    Operations Manager
    Approval Rate

    “Our old approach to fraud relied on rules and manual review slowing transactions and creating an unpleasant customer experience. Forter’s automated approach to fraud prevention supports accurate, real-time decisioning creating happier customers and a friction-free online experience.”

    Gail Banim
    Director, eCommerce and Marketing
    Approval Rate

    “Before, we would automatically blacklist any order from a risky market unless we got a wire transfer. Now, we're even starting to advertise in these markets because this solution has given us the confidence to do it.”

    Osher Karnowsky
    General Manager

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