Commerce based on trust

Forter has pioneered the only solution that assesses trust at every customer interaction in real time. Powered by a coalition of the biggest enterprises and designed by the foremost experts—to unlock the full promise of commerce based on trust.

Why do leading brands choose Forter?

eCommerce & Retail

Augment customer experience, strengthen e-Commerce

“Working with Forter has changed our approach to fraud management...we can now provide a more positive, seamless experience for our clients as well as strengthening our e-commerce.”

Kristina Blahnik
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eCommerce & Retail

Building trust & operational excellence

“Forter’s integrated, real time approach to fraud prevention has been central to building trust and supporting operational excellence."

Jesse Carstens
Global Director, e-Commerce Ops
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Enabling safe growth

"We chose to partner with Forter to ensure that our customers enjoy a safe and smooth experience when booking travel."

Eric Lorenz, VP of Financial Operations
Eric Lorenz
VP, Financial Operations

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Michael Reitblat

CEO and Co-Founder


Michael was trained in cybersecurity and fraud prevention in the Israeli military. He went on to help build Fraud Sciences, a pioneer in online payment fraud prevention, later acquired by PayPal.

Fun Fact

As a kid, I collected coins as a hobby. Eventually my collection grew to more than 1,000 coins from 103 different countries.

Liron Damri

Co-Founder and President


Liron has been an executive in fraud prevention for over a decade. After tracking terrorist money transfers with Israeli Intelligence, he led fraud prevention teams at Fraud Sciences and PayPal.

Fun Fact

In 2005, I hiked the Israel National Trail, which stretches more than 680 miles from the Israel-Lebanon border in the north, to the Gulf of Aqaba in the south.

Iftah Gideoni



Iftah has spent more than 20 years as an R&D executive, in Artificial Intelligence and data management within hyper scalable environments, earning multiple recognitions as a top fintech CTO.

Fun Fact

I paid my way through college by cleaning bulk freighter ships docked in port. There are some smells I will never forget.

Lauren Vigliante

VP People


Lauren is an accomplished HR leader with experience managing high-growth tech companies from New York to San Francisco.

Fun Fact

I have a family of all entrepreneurs. That’s why I wanted to go down the start-up path, because of this entrepreneurial spirit.

Colin Sims



Colin spent a decade on Wall Street before entering the tech sector. Prior to Forter, he led the strategic sale of, and ran operations for retail marketplace,

Fun Fact

In my younger years, I designed robotic insects for DARPA and ran Zero-G combustion experiments at NASA. My nerd credentials are strong.

Aaron Barfoot



Aaron is a veteran of the tech industry, having served key leadership roles at Amazon, ClearDATA, Anaconda, Rackspace, USAA, Transocean Offshore and Continental Airlines.

Fun Fact

I’m a bit of a prankster and love to play practical jokes on my family. One of my favorite things to do is hide and pop out to scare my wife and kids.

Oren Ellenbogen

VP Engineering


Oren is a creator that’s been at the heart of several high scale organizations and products. He curates the Software Lead Weekly newsletter and is author of the book “Leading Snowflakes.”

Fun Fact

My full name sounds like “ear elbow” in Dutch. Every time I visit Amsterdam it gets a little confusing.

Marcus Holm



Marcus is an accomplished tech sales leader with expertise in machine learning. His experience spans international roles at VMware, Heptio, Kinetica, Cloudera and Cisco.

Fun Fact

In college, I won a sports car as a sales incentive and it ended up being used by a lead singer in a famous music video. I’ve been chasing fast cars ever since.

Scott Buell

General Counsel


Scott began his legal career managing high-stakes litigation and global investigations at a large law firm. Prior to Forter, Scott led the product counsel function at MongoDB, negotiating deals, establishing the company’s privacy program, and owning litigation and IP.

Fun Fact

I logged a couple thousand hours of pro bono work as a firm lawyer, and I’m always interested in ways to better integrate pro bono practice into corporate legal groups.

Alon Shemesh



With roots in fraud and big data at NPX Technologies, Fraud Sciences and PayPal, Alon brings deep understanding of analysis, machine learning and automatic decisioning to Forter.

Fun Fact

My first job was debt collection. Unfortunately, I had to visit businesses in person and, as you can imagine, I got yelled at frequently.