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Our Story

Imagine this. The founders of our leading fraud prevention company had their own credit card rejected when trying to register the domain You can’t make this stuff up.

Childhood friends and founders Michael and Liron started Forter for themselves. As Israelis working in the US, they had complex online identities. And like many of us, they would shop online, reserve flights, and buy goods only to have those transactions declined.

They began their careers together at a manual fraud review company that was later acquired by PayPal. Once employed by the payments giant, they saw first hand that staffing thousands of people to manually review transactions would never scale in a global economy.

After successfully leading an experiment to lift rules-based processes and replace them with an AI-powered model, PayPal’s fraud detection accuracy skyrocketed. And when Liron overheard customers asking if they could buy this new fraud solution as a standalone product, he knew they were on to something.

It was then that Liron and Michael decided to build Forter—a fully automated platform that makes decisions about every digital commerce interaction based on a complete understanding of identity. Their focus from day one has been on using identity intelligence to give customers the commerce experiences they deserve.

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