Abuse Prevention

The control you need to stop policy abuse

Identify and stop abuse at the source to protect revenue while delivering a quality brand experience for your genuine customers

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Give your loyal customers the experience they deserve with Forter Abuse Prevention

Proactively flag or block repeat abusers

Accurately pinpoint systematic abusers to flag or block abusive behavior at checkout and post-purchase. Forter curbs more types of abuse across more customer touch points than any other vendor.

Gain complete visibility and control with Policy Builder

Leveraging your own live or historical data, you can create, modify, simulate and publish abuse policies directly in the Forter portal. Quantify the magnitude of your abuse problem, simulate the business impact and implement policies with complete confidence. Learn more about Policy Builder here >

Drive seamless experiences and loyalty

Striking a balance between stopping abusers while maintaining a seamless experience for genuine customers is vital. By simulating custom policies, you can deliver experiences customers love with personalized promotions, loyalty programs and brand perks while preventing abusers from taking advantage.

Mitigate spikes in abuse with Policy Builder alerts

Configure specific thresholds for policy abuse where you would like to be notified with Policy Builder Alerts. When abuse levels meet your threshold you will receive an email notification, giving you instant visibility into policy fluctuations that require immediate attention so you can take action proactively to prevent financial loss and optimize performance.

The world’s leading brands trust Forter


“There were customers gaming the (loyalty program) … and we used to have to assign individual people to manually watch those orders. PacSun turned to Forter to help implement an abuse solution that would enable the company to eliminate manual reviews and better manage customer behavior.”

Shirley Gao
Shirley Gao


“Forter was kind of alongside us as we were going through this journey of various tests, various definitions, and still, to this day, we’re still coming up with new attributes to consider and new things to look at [when it comes to policy abuse], and Forter is essentially supporting us along the way. We’ve really evolved with Forter.”

Emina Zahirovic
Associate Director of Global Payments
Frost & Sullivan
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Frost & Sullivan

Analysis from Frost & Sullivan

“Forter’s Abuse Prevention enables merchants to accurately identify abusers, both online and offline, so they can offer consumer-friendly policies.”

Vikrant Gandhi
Vikrant Gandhi
Industry Director

Optimize and personalize abuse policies with complete confidence

Promotions abuse

Flag or block abuse of coupons and promotions, including new user offers, to protect revenue and reward genuine customers and employees with loyalty-building perks and discounts.

Reseller abuse icon

Reseller abuse

Flag or block unauthorized resellers that would otherwise purchase products (typically in volume) for resale without approval or identify them for review.

Reshipper abuse

Prevent consumers from using reshippers to purchase products otherwise inaccessible to them due to merchant policies, lack of availability in regions, tax restrictions, and more.

Limited item abuse icon

Limited item abuse

Prevent items released in limited quantities from being purchased in bulk by abusers.

Returns abuse

Flag or block consumers who abuse return policies – using products before returning, returning the wrong product, or excessively requesting returns.

Item not received (INR) abuse

Flag or block repeat abusers who consistently claim they never received an item and request a new item or refund.

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