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Digital commerce is built on trust. So are great companies.

Join the Circle of Trust

Why Forter?

At every point along the digital commerce journey, businesses must make a critical decision: Can I trust this customer? Answering this simple question accurately and instantly is powerful—it can accelerate revenue growth and strengthen connections with customers.

Right market, right time

In 2021, 16% of all commerce was digital. By 2040, 90% of all commerce will be digital. That transformation requires trust.

Differentiated product, delighted customers

Forter has been recognized as the “clear leader” in its market, processing more transaction value and maintaining less than 1% customer churn.

Incredible humans

Forter has top talent everywhere you look … but we’re not just good at our jobs, we pride ourselves on being good humans.

What we believe

You could say that we’ve formed a circle of trust that includes our employees, customers and partners. And that’s because every action we take is informed by six values—and yes, they spell IMPACT!



By creating an environment where everyone feels they belong, we can win as one team



We have a clear sense of purpose and are willing to go the extra mile for customers



When we make decisions, we do what’s right



We are present and always listen first



We dare to take risks and view mistakes as learning opportunities



We openly share ideas, information and opinions because we trust each other

How we work

Here are some of the methods and milestones that define our culture

Forter Week

Once every year (when it’s safe to do so) we gather the entire company in one place (Lake Como, Lisbon, etc.) to align, learn and celebrate

4.5 Day Weeks

Time away from work is critical to stay fresh. In Israel, employees take every second Sunday off. Across the rest of the world, Fridays end at 1PM


We are a global organization, so we create opportunities to connect virtually through cooking classes, yoga sessions, trainings, monthly all-hands and more

Career development

We offer training programs, define clear ladders and ensure internal mobility so employees can have multiple careers all at Forter

Who we are

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