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“To be an analyst, you need a special kind of intuition. It only comes with a high level of intelligence, a willingness to experiment (and sometimes be wrong) and a strong desire to explore and discover. A team made up of people like that is a privilege to work with.”
Aner, Analytics
“We’re not doing “more of the same”. The challenge we’re facing is huge – detecting fraud in real-time – and that makes everything else interesting. This manifests everywhere: The type of complexity we need to handle, the scale, the domain expertise, the type of people we attract here.”
Oren, R&D
“I love that Forter’s product is unique. When you put all the pieces together, you see no one else offers anything like it. The office is great: doors always open, something going on in every room. I used to wear a suit to mask the fact that we didn’t create anything. Here I wear jeans & t-shirt and the product speaks for itself.”
Aaron, Customer Success
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Forter’s fraud analysts are a multidisciplinary team of behavioral specialists and forensics investigators. This diverse group of fraud philosophers contemplates complex scenarios to form Forter’s expert-driven decision system.
They work closely with top-notch data scientists who analyze information and model it creatively to refine our machine learning algorithm.
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We're a small team, and we work with continual deployment, which means you can make a big impact, all the time. We work broad as well as deep, so anyone can touch any area of the product or the code, and self-directed learning is the norm. And we love a challenge. We aim to do to fraud what Gmail did to spam: make it irrelevant for the rest of the world.
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Our Business department includes everything from CS to Ops, from Finance to Business Development, from Marketing to Sales - and more. We're each proud of our own specialty and skills, but also the way we contribute to the team and the company. With so much going on, there's always more to learn, more to explore, and more space to grow - in the U.S. office and in Tel Aviv.

A Day At Forter

Fraudsters Caught
Virtual Fires Put Out
Cups of Coffee
  • Make things better, all the time.
  • See layers of complexity, create elegant simplicity
  • We’re enthusiastic about our work – and it’s contagious.
  • We have this thing about forks. But we’re normal. Mostly.
  • We do spend some time sitting at our own desks. Usually.
  • Yes, we built that swing seat. It’s a bit wonky. We love it.


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Forter named to 2018 Forbes Fintech 50

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