Forter recognized in Inc Best Workplaces 2020

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Making Things Better, All the Time

You can’t surpass the status quo unless you’re constantly pushing for improvement. That’s why we are so enthusiastic about our work, and why that enthusiasm is contagious. We love unraveling layers of complexity to create an elegantly simple fraud prevention solution.

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Our Values

Do what’s right

As a moral imperative, we strive to do the right thing for our customers, employees, company and community as a whole

Be transparent, trust each other

We say what we do and do what we say. We openly provide and share context in order to drive success.

Dare to take risks to drive significant impact

No matter what the outcome is, we learn from each experience and get better.

Win as one team

Our company is comprised of exceptional individuals, but extraordinary results are only achieved through teamwork.

Listen first

We are curious and empathetic - We seek to understand each other and we expect to learn something new in each interaction.

Go The Extra Mile For Our Customers

We are consistently driven by a commitment to provide the best outcome for our customers.

Our Teams


Our fraud analysts are a multidisciplinary team of behavioral specialists and forensic investigators. This diverse group of fraud philosophers contemplates complex scenarios to develop our expert-driven decision system. Fraud analysts work closely with top-notch data scientists who analyze information and model it creatively to refine our machine learning algorithm.

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Research & Development

We`re a small team and we work with continuous deployment. That means you can make a big impact at any time, all the time. We work broadly as well as deeply, so anyone can touch any area of the product or the code. In fact, self-directed learning is the norm. And we love a challenge. We aim to do to fraud what Gmail did to spam: make it an irrelevant remnant of a bygone era.

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Our business department includes everything from customer support to operations, from finance to business development, from marketing to sales, and more. Each of us is proud of our own specialty and skills, but what`s even more impressive is the way we contribute to the company as a whole. With so much going on, there`s always more to learn, more to explore, and more room to grow.

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