Priceline Says ‘Yes’ to More Travel Deals
We chose to partner with Forter to ensure that our customers enjoy a safe and smooth experience when booking travel on Priceline.
Eric Lorenz
Vice President of Finance and Operations
Chris Brown of Mattress Firm
How Automated Fraud Prevention Increases Revenue
We couldn’t be happier with the results Forter’s automated decisioning platform has provided.
Chris Brown
VP of Customer Care and Sales Support
Michael Hoffman
Approach to Fraud Management Powers Seemless Shopping Experience
Forter’s solution means less time worrying about fraud and more time focusing on how to add value to our business.
Michael Hoffman
Director of E-Commerce and Customer Service
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"Before Forter, too many customers failed to complete online transactions because of credit card declines and manual reviews. With Forter, we’re now processing and approving transactions in real time and growing revenue by 15%."
"To protect the business it’s imperative that we meet customer requirements and expectations without exposing ourselves to additional risk like fraud. Forter’s integrated, real time approach to fraud prevention has been central to building trust and supporting operational excellence."
"When we compared different technologies we realized that Forter was the best in the industry, from overall performance and accuracy to the experience it has helped us to deliver to our customers."
"Having a trusted partner like Forter has been integral in keeping the fraudsters at bay, and has enabled us to focus on adapting and scaling our business to meet this demand."
"Working with Forter has changed our approach to fraud management, drastically improving our approval rate, and helping build greater trust in our fraud capabilities."
"The combination of Forter’s automated approach to fraud prevention and accurate, real-time decisioning has removed key barriers creating happier customers and a friction- free online experience."
"When I look back at switching to Forter it's night and day. Fraud used to take up a lot of my time. Forter has really allowed us to not sweat the small stuff."
"Forter has helped immensely in getting traction across the enterprise."
"The quicker the transaction the's really important to have that friction-free experience and that's what Forter brings to the table."
Forter’s Ninth Fraud Attack Index: Ecommerce volumes are up, so is fraud - are you prepared?