Priceline Says ‘Yes’ to More Travel Deals
We chose to partner with Forter to ensure that our customers enjoy a safe and smooth experience when booking travel on Priceline.
Eric Lorenz
Vice President of Finance and Operations
Chris Brown of Mattress Firm
How Automated Fraud Prevention Increases Revenue
We couldn’t be happier with the results Forter’s automated decisioning platform has provided.
Chris Brown
VP of Customer Care and Sales Support
Michael Hoffman
Approach to Fraud Management Powers Seemless Shopping Experience
Forter’s solution means less time worrying about fraud and more time focusing on how to add value to our business.
Michael Hoffman
Director of E-Commerce and Customer Service
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"The quicker the transaction the's really important to have that friction-free experience and that's what Forter brings to the table."
"Forter's team provided exemplary service...we could not have asked for an easier implementation."
"Fraud prevention done the right way enables safe growth."
"Forter provides us an expert eye for the details of many forms of fraud, with full automation and higher accuracy."
"Forter has taken the guesswork out of fraud prevention and we couldn't be happier with the results."
"Forter partnered with our team to understand the business needs...they delivered beyond our expectations."
"We have grown so much in a short time...we know their solution will scale naturally with us."
"Forter believes in its decisions...they were going deeper to understand the behaviors of the buyers"
"We're accepting orders from countries we can't pronounce, before Forter we'd have been too scared to do that."
Frost & Sullivan Names Forter the Industry Leader in E-Commerce Fraud Prevention