The Forter Plugin for Salesforce Commerce for B2C is here
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Forter QuickStart for Adobe Commerce

Grow your business on your Adobe Commerce store

Use Forter's fraud prevention plug-in for Adobe Commerce (formerly Magento Commerce) to convert more shoppers and proactively stop fraud, all while delivering a seamless shopping experience.

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    Forter QuickStart integration

    Install the Forter QuickStart Extension
    Install the extension on staging, configure your settings, and then test/QA
    Let the Forter team develop your model
    Forter analysts validate data and your storefront continues to operate as-is
    Go-live and watch your business grow
    Scale confidently with increased conversions and an optimized customer experience

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    99% Approval Rate

    “Working with Forter has changed our approach to fraud management, drastically improving our approval rate, and helping build greater trust in our fraud capabilities.”

    Christina Blahnik

    99.7% Approval Rate

    “No more scores, no more lengthy review queues--Forter has taken the guesswork out of fraud prevention and we couldn’t be happier with the results.”

    Ena Easton
    Operations Manager

    98.9% Approval Rate

    “Our old approach to fraud relied on rules and manual review slowing transactions and creating an unpleasant customer experience. Forter’s automated approach to fraud prevention supports accurate, real-time decisioning creating happier customers and a friction-free online experience.”

    Gail Banim
    Director, E-Commerce & Marketing

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