“Chargeback issues were always a headache for us. Forter solved that challenge with full automation, an almost 99% approval rate and a chargeback guarantee – all without compromising cart abandonment.”
Yosuke Okayama
Director, EC/Digital Division, Foot Locker, atmos Japan G.K.
Founded in 2000, atmos is a global footwear retailer known for “steadily creating grails” for customers over the last two decades.

Atmos solves chargebacks and reduces overall cart abandonment

Rules-based systems lead to rebound in chargebacks, cart abandonment

As the popularity of sneakers continued to rise, so too did instances of fraud and chargebacks. After introducing a manual review and rules maintenance system in 2019, atmos noticed an influx in fraudsters circumventing their rules. Tired of battling with fraudsters, atmos then adopted 3D Secure hoping that would finally get them out of the manual review process loop – creating a staggering increase in cart abandonment.

Automation that reduces cart abandonment problems

In partnership with Forter, atmos was able to automate 100% of the fraud decision process – removing manual reviews entirely and solving the chargeback challenge without compromising cart abandonment. Forter’s decisions are made in real-time, meaning atmos’ legitimate customers get fast approval and a rewarding customer experience, while keeping chargebacks and fraudsters at bay

Automated fraud decisioning that positively impacting the bottom line

  • Credit card transaction approvals increased by 19%
  • Cart abandonment improved by 6%
  • Implemented Forter without any changes to internal operations – creating a seamless transition

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