No more scores, no more lengthy review queues--Forter has taken the guesswork out of fraud prevention and we couldn’t be happier with the results.
Ena Eaton
Operations Manager
Online fashion retailer serving 130 countries
Forter customer since 2018

Delivering on-trend wardrobe essentials and staying a step ahead

Inaccurate decisioning and delays to fulfillment

Launched in 2012, Hello Molly is a leading Australian online women’s fashion retailer. Legacy fraud prevention solutions relied on manual review increasing operational costs and leading to inaccurate decisioning and delays to fulfillment. 

Slashing manual reviews to stay ahead of fraudsters

Forter’s fully automated solution provides highly accurate approve/decline decisions in under one second, increasing overall approvals and slashing Hello Molly’s daily manual review rates. Hello Molly’s team avoids getting bogged down in manual reviews, and stays one step ahead of fraudsters instead of constantly playing catch up.

Forter’s expert technology enables high approval rate

Through accurate, real-time decisioning and a global merchant network of more than 800 million users, as well as the feedback solicited from Hello Molly’s team the approval rate has increased to 99.7%.

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