“Due to some complexities of selling furniture online, we were losing out on legitimate sales due to false declines, which also impacted customer relationships. By partnering with Forter, we’ve been able to trust the online transaction process, which has reduced false declines, increased revenues, and ensured that fraud, which was once top-of-mind, is now something we don’t have to think about.”
Pete Franco
President, livingspaces.com
Living Spaces is a leading furniture retailer with over 35 storefronts in the U.S. and a continually growing digital commerce presence. With furniture styles for more than 150 living room, 115 dining room, and 100 bedroom configurations, Living Spaces boasts a wide selection of brands and ships nationwide.

Enhancing the customer experience and delivering to more customers nationwide

Chargebacks, false declines, and cart abandonment rising

As Living Spaces continued expanding its digital commerce offerings, Living Spaces realized that chargebacks weren’t the only issue. The amount of revenue lost to false declines and cart abandonment multiplied, thanks to a legacy approach to fraud decisioning that relied on rules based on address verification. This meant sending legitimate transactions into manual review – overwhelming the customer service team and frustrating good customers.

An automated approach that does away with rules

Through the partnership with Forter, Living Spaces was able to implement a fully-automated approach that did away with the rules – leading to more approved transactions while also decreasing the number of chargebacks. And the shift away from rules also meant changing how the team operated. The customer service team, previously having to be constantly thinking about fraud and handling manual reviews, could now focus on the quality of customer service and providing the support needed for various other types of customer inquiries.

A better furniture shopping experience, positively impacting the bottom line:

  • Increased approval rate from 92% to over 99%
  • Increased top-line revenue by over 8%
  • Reduced chargeback rate from over 50bps to below 6bps 
  • Reduced manual review rate from 25% to 0%, allowing the team to focus on customer service

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