We are extremely satisfied with our choice to work with Forter. Our approval rates are excellent, chargebacks are covered, and fulfillment times have improved considerably.
Lawrence O’Connor
Computer hardware products retailer with library of 3,000+ products for Macs and iDevices shipping to 190+ countries
400+ categories, across 8 verticals
Forter customer since 2014

Extremely High Decline Rate and Chargeback Rate

Too many false positives and manual reviews delayed orders

OWC’s approach to fraud involved a lot of manual reviews which took several days to complete. Too many good customers were flagged as risky and had to wait for their order confirmations. The slow fraud prevention process added friction which led to many unhappy customers and order cancellations.

Real-time decisioning to increase approvals without added risk

OWC sought a solution that would automate the fraud management process and completely eliminate manual reviews. The company wanted to provide customers the best possible experience, so the solution needed to be fast, frictionless, and accurate. OWC also wanted to increase approvals without taking on additional risk.

Solution dramatically reduces false positives, lifts sales

With Forter’s Payment Fraud Protection Solution, OWC has reduced false positives by 76% and eliminated manual reviews. The approval rate averages 99% and OWC has seen a 4-6% lift in sales. Real-time decisioning enabled OWC to provide superior service- good customers no longer experience unwanted friction or their orders delayed. 

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