“Forter automatically reviews 100% of Reebok’s transactions and has dramatically improved Reebok’s overall approval rate while combating fraud. Our approval rate is on an upward trend while declines are trending lower, and chargebacks are lower than with our previous solution.”
Neil Gole
Sr. Director of Platforms and Operations
Founded with a vision to change the direction of athletic footwear, Reebok is a global brand that breaks boundaries and is fueled by a desire to outpace industry expectations.

Reebok automates online transactions to increase approvals

Leaving revenue on the table with low approvals, false declines

In the ever changing digital commerce landscape, Reebok’s previous fraud prevention system was leading to low approvals and false declines and was also creating friction in good customers’ shopping experience. Reebok’s parent company, SPARC Group, understood the outdated approach to fraud wasn’t working and began to explore automating the decisioning process.

Fully automating fraud, increasing ROI

Thanks to a partnership with Forter, Reebok was able to fully automate the fraud process for all of its online transactions. Not only did the shift lead to an increase in approvals and ROI, and a reduction in chargebacks, it also freed up the team to focus more on customer satisfaction.

A better consumer experience, positively impacting the bottom line

  • Gross ROI of 1,362%
  • Approvals increased by 12.6%
  • Chargeback rate reduced to 0.02%
  • Scaled fraud prevention to match rapid business growth, boosting revenue

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