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Issuer Optimization

Build trust to increase bank authorization rates

Banks trust Forter merchants, and this unique relationship enables us to influence their decisioning, increase authorization rates and maximize conversions

Maximize authorization rates with Issuer Optimization

Authorization Uplift

Forter shares insights with issuing banks, such as CapitalOne, that influence their risk decisioning and increase authorization rates.

Network Uplift

Card networks like Mastercard and Visa leverage Forter insights to share risk scores with banks, helping them make more informed decisions and increase authorizations.

Trusted MID

When banks recognize that they’re dealing with a trusted Forter merchant, they relax their risk decline logic and approve more transactions.

What Makes Forter Different?

Because Forter has a deep understanding of online identities, we’ve earned the reputation across the payment ecosystem to deliver extremely accurate decisions that both merchants and banks trust and leverage for their decisioning. Banks trust Forter merchants, and this means the fraud decisioning we provide for our customers influences banks’ decisioning. This unique relationship and influence within the payment ecosystem enables Forter to increase authorization rates and maximize conversions.

The world’s leading brands trust Forter

Improving the accuracy of bank authorization models

“Forter enables us to improve the accuracy of our authorization decisions and optimize the experience for our customers.”

Sarah Strauss
Head of Card Fraud

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