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Account Updater

Increase revenue with real-time card updates

Prevent missed payments and improve the customer experience

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Strategically update primary account numbers (PAN) in real-time after card cancellation or expiry

Account updater provides an updated card data in the event of a card expiration or re-issued card number.

Increase authorization rates

Recover in-real time failed payments from lost, stolen, or expired cards.

Protect revenue

Reduce subscription cancellations and lost sales due to outdated cards.

Better customer experience

Fewer card re-entries and the ability to offer one-click payments.

Minimize duplicative costs

Only update dormant cards when there is buying intent.

Processor flexibility

Leverage updated cards across multiple processors to avoid purchasing account updater individually from each processor.

How it works

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Real-Time Updater

Strategically update cards
  • Leverage an API to update cards in real-time
  • Only update cards upon buying intent

Batch Updater

Get paid on your subscriptions
  • Update your cards in cohorts before recurring payments

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