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PCI Tokenization

Manage payment card data with maximum flexibility

Protect card data and maintain control with a processor-agnostic, PCI-compliant vault

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Leverage Forter Tokenization for your business

Minimize security risk

By storing card data in an external vault, you significantly reduce the risk associated with a data breach.

Reduce costs

Save money, time and resources by effectively eliminating the burden of PCI DSS compliance within your organization.

Maximize payment performance

Merchants have the flexibility to send payments to any processor while also being able to seamlessly turn on Forter’s Smart 3DS and Issuer Optimization features for all of your payment volume.

How it works

Diagram of Forter PCI Tokenization

Hosted Fields

Collect card details directly from your checkout page while maintaining design flexibility
  • Collect card data directly from the checkout page and obtain a single-use token
  • Customize the styles, input format, and error display text
  • Minimize efforts to comply with PCI DSS

Detokenization Proxy

Passes the full card data transparently and securely
  • Send any HTTPS request with a token to any third-party
  • Fully featured security capabilities include IPs allow-listing, target URLs allow-listing, mTLS authentication, and HMAC signing
  • No additional integration requirements
  • Never exposes the full card data to the merchant

Tokenization API

Easily access the vault from any environment
  • Tokenize/detokenize to maintain limited PCI scope 
  • Upgrade the single-use token to a long-lived token for saving the card
  • Card vault management 
  • Smart queries on token attributes

See how Forter PCI Tokenization can help your business

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