Protect Your Revenue Under PSD2

Maximize your PSD2 exclusions and exemptions

Apply every eligible TRA exemption and exclusion for your transactions by leveraging Forter’s payment ecosystem intelligence

Eliminate unnecessary 3DS friction

Apply 3-D Secure only when necessary with Forter’s real-time payment decisioning to deliver the best customer experience

Recover declined transactions to grow revenue

Recover legitimate transactions that have been wrongly declined during the payments process and grow your revenue

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A game-changer for PSD2 compliance

“Knowing we can meet the requirements of PSD2, while also mitigating the friction introduced by SCA requirements, means we can focus on our core business objectives and drive overall engagement with consumers.”

Juraj Striezenec
Juraj Striezenec
CFO of

PSD2 Solution

Block fraudulent transactions before bank authorization

  • Improve your business’ risk profile with banks to
    increase your authorization rates
  • Eliminate unnecessary authorization fees for
    fraudulent transactions
  • Identify transactions that are eligible for
    TRA exemptions under PSD2

Increase conversions while maintaining full PSD2 compliance

  • Increase approval rates by applying
    3DS authentication and friction only when it
    increases authorization
  • Determine when to apply 3DS authentication with
    Forter’s real-time decisions
  • Use 3DS authentication to recover any failed
    exemption requests or bank declines

Maximize usage of TRA exemptions to minimize friction

  • Identify opportunities to leverage the TRA
    exemptions for PSD2 in real-time
  • Leverage intelligence from a global network of
    payments intelligence to maximize exemptions
  • Improve your authorization ratio by recovering
    failed exemption requests

Recover legitimate transactions that would have been lost revenue

  • Real-time decisions to recover transactions that
    have failed bank authorization
  • Seamlessly route transactions through alternate
    payment processors
  • Enable consumers to complete their purchase with
    another payment method

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