Accurate fraud prevention that sets you apart

Guaranteed accuracy

Minimize false positives and chargebacks by up to 90% while still approving more transactions. Decisions are backed by an optional chargeback guarantee

Provide easy onboarding and maintenance for your clients

Directly integrate one time to enable Forter for all of your merchants and remove the burden of manual reviews and rules

Optimize 3DS authorizations

Minimize friction and improve issuer authorization with dynamic 3DS execution

Why do leading brands choose Forter?

Payment Partner

Driving growth for FreedomPay and brand loyalty for merchants

“Forter’s fraud prevention capabilities protect merchants on FreedomPay’s Commerce Platform and ensure that only legitimate transactions are approved."

Chris Kronenthal
President and CTO

Payment Partner

Scalable fraud prevention is critical to optimizing payments

“Fraud prevention is a critical component to the success of our payment platform... Forter’s integrated platform provides incredibly fast and precise fraud decisions on all transactions and is fully scalable to support our rapid growth.”

Lennart Koopmans

Payment Partner

Driving eCommerce growth across Africa and beyond

“By working with Forter we are able to achieve our vision of creating friction free commerce in Africa. Our merchant network can focus on key business operational tasks and growth opportunities safe in the knowledge that our customers are protected against fraud.”

Olugbenga ‘GB’ Agboola
Founder and CEO

PSP Fraud Protection

Approve more legitimate transactions, without risk

  • Sub-second approve or decline decisions with industry-leading accuracy
  • Always up-to-date through a Global Data Network, advanced machine learning, and in-house fraud expertise
  • 100% automation without manual reviews on all transactions, regardless of value

Maximize Conversions with Full PSD2 Compliance

  • Stop fraud before authentication
  • Automatically trigger 3DS authentication whenever required under PSD2 and improve issuer authorization
  • Minimize friction to drive conversions

Remove financial liability and risk for your clients

  • Guarantee all approved fraud decisions
  • Provide indemnification for any approved transaction resulting in a chargeback

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