Build lifetime loyalty

Protect the customer journey

Make approval decisions instantly across touchpoints from login to checkout

Inspire customer confidence

Build user trust in your ability to protect data through continuous, adaptive authentication

Strengthen your brand

Provide seamless online experiences to drive higher customer lifetime value

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Reducing loyalty fraud helps build relationships

“Forter helped us reduce loyalty program fraud by more than 60 percent while also building stronger relationships with our customers.”

Doug Ferreira
Director, Financial Operations

Account Protection

Identify all unauthorized attempts to access customer accounts

  • Continuously authenticate users from login to logout
  • Automatically detect and block automated takeover attacks with advanced machine learning
  • Get real-time decisions, from registration to checkout

Identify and block abusers before they create multiple accounts

  • Prevent sign-up abuse and fraudulent account creation
  • Stop identity theft and synthetic ID fraud during registration
  • Prevent bots and imposters from opening new accounts
  • Automatically spot and stop fraudulent card applications

Reap the benefits of loyalty without rewarding abuse

  • Create revenue-driving programs without the worry of risk
  • Identify legitimate customer behaviors to increase approvals and minimize chargebacks
  • Proactively prevent fraud with fully automated, real-time decisions

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