Published: June 7, 2018
Reading time: 45 seconds read
Written by: Kayla Parker

The path to the perfect online shopping experience isn’t always easy, especially when fraudsters are looking to exploit an uptick in retailers’ online traffic during the Father’s Day season.

Last year, Father’s Day spending reached $15.5 billion, and consumer confidence is only rising. According to The National Retail Federation, 77 percent of Americans will celebrate Father’s Day this year, spending an average of $135 per person.

Retailers can’t risk losing valuable customers or creating friction in the shopping experience to try to stop fraud. They need a seamless and real-time solution that catches fraud at every step of the buyer journey.

So how can we make sure retailers protect the path to the perfect gift? Take our quiz and see if you can identify incidents of fraud as you navigate your way through to the point of purchase. Pick wisely, and don’t let the fraudsters ruin the shopping experience!



45 seconds read