Published: March 25, 2024
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Written by: Forter Team

‘What the Fraud?,’ hosted by Doriel Abrahams, examines the latest trends in fraud – from expert interviews and insights to tactics and best practices.


In the latest episode of ‘What the Fraud?,’ Doriel shares how he got into fighting fraud and the different tips and tricks for getting a fraud-fighting gig.

Key Takeaways

  • Attention to Detail: Mastering the art of determining fraudulent activities hinges on meticulous attention to detail in order to discern which data points merit further scrutiny.
  • Thinking Like a Fraudster: Effective fraud prevention starts with adopting the mindset of a fraudster to better anticipate and thwart potential schemes by understanding how they might exploit vulnerabilities.
  • Advocating for Fraud Prevention: Fraud fighters must champion the importance of their role within their organizations, transforming the perception of fraud from a sales impediment to a critical component of revenue generation and protection.
  • Balancing Risk & Opportunity: Striking the right balance involves fine-tuning your fraud strategies to protect against fraud while not deterring legitimate customers – thus maximizing revenue.
  • Engaging & Networking: Engaging with the fraud community through dialogue and networking events is crucial for ongoing learning and career advancement.

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Doriel Abrahams is the Principal Technologist at Forter, where he monitors emerging trends in the fight against fraudsters, including new fraud rings, attacker MOs, rising technologies, etc. His mission is to provide digital commerce leaders with the latest risk intel so they can adapt and get ahead of what’s to come.

Fraud Lab is a growing global community of fraud fighters where you can meet with peers and learn from experts. Fraud Lab aims to offer resources to help fraud fighters connect and further their careers. 

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