Published: February 5, 2019
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Written by: Kayla Parker

2018 was an exciting year for us at Forter. Our network has seen immense growth: 150 million people known to the system, 1.4B active devices, and major growth in consumer activity in countries around the world.  There have been substantial advancements in the payments industry as well. The manner in which consumers are shopping is changing, and retailers are shifting from brick and mortar to digital, while blending their offerings to enable an omni-channel experience for their customers.

As payments technologies expand and evolve, we strive to stay one step ahead in order to offer our clients the best services possible. As such, we are extremely pleased and honored to announce that we have been included, (for the second year in a row!), in the Forbes Fintech 50 list! This list touts the 50 “Most Innovative Fintech Companies In 2019” and includes us within their “shaping the future of payments” list, on which we are so incredibly proud to be included.

In the past year, Forter’s end-to-end fraud prevention has been unique to the market, changing the way retailers consider fraud and abuse vulnerabilities online. Our core offering of payment fraud prevention remains at the core of what we do, but our expanded account coverage – protecting against coupon abuse, referral abuse, account takeover (ATO), and more – has further propelled us into the future of payments.

Our team continues to expand with offices around the globe, and we are broadening our coverage and services to give our clients the best experience possible. Just like our devoted global team, our solution is “always on”. We provide fully automated, real-time decisioning both at the point of transaction, as well as along every touch point of the customer journey, ensuring your platform is protected against bad actors only, and that your good customers enjoy a seamless shopping experience.

We continue to be thought leaders in the payments industry and fraud prevention space, and have provided insights to Forbes, Nasdaq, Yahoo Finance, Bloomberg, and CNBC among many others. Our recently published ATO white paper along with our bi-annual Fraud Attack Index, have become staples of our thought leadership and research endeavors.

This year also saw a reaffirmation from our investors in our mission of restoring trust to e-commerce. In September, Forter secured $50M in Series D financing from investors like March Capital and Salesforce Ventures, marking our largest funding round to date. This additional funding will further bolster our international growth, while also allowing us to invest in our research efforts.

We here at Forter, are dedicated to making the online payments industry a safer space to do business. We believe that there is power in building a network of trust and integrity. This is best exemplified by our merchant network, which constantly grows smarter by leveraging fraud attack information from all of Forter’s clients, powering retailers to fight fraud together without sharing customer data amongst themselves.

We are incredibly excited to have once again been included in the Forbes Fintech 50 list, among other leading companies like Stripe, TransferWise, and Bolt, an indication that we are in good company in the ever-evolving and increasingly competitive landscape.

We want to give many thanks to everyone that has made this last year such an incredible one for us — from our current clients, to our incredible (and growing) teams of Forterites around the world, and of course, to Forbes, for this recognition. We are looking forward to what 2019 will hold, and are excited to continue making strides to ensure businesses stay fraud-free!


The Forter Team

2 minute read