Published: September 13, 2023
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Written by: Forter Team

By Marcus Holm, Chief Revenue Officer, Forter

I am thrilled to share the incredible journey of the Forter and Salesforce partnership – a collaboration that has redefined the landscape of digital commerce. This dynamic alliance brings together the prowess of Salesforce, a global leader in customer relationship management, and Forter, an industry trailblazer in fraud prevention. Together, we’ve embarked on a mission to reshape how businesses approach customer-centric commerce, driving up conversion rates and revenue streams and fortifying fraud prevention.

Harnessing Synergy for Customer-Centric Excellence

As Chief Revenue Officer at Forter, Ive witnessed firsthand the profound impact this partnership has had on digital commerce. Our joint objective has always been crystal clear: to place the customer at the epicenter of the buying journey, delivering experiences that are nothing short of exceptional. The outcomes have been monumental, empowering businesses to streamline operations, eliminate friction, and foster unbounded growth.

Empowering Merchants with Actionable Insights

At the heart of our collaboration lies Forters formidable Identity Graph, an expansive repository of online identities. This wealth of data equips merchants with the power to make instant, accurate transaction decisions. By integrating Forters plugin for Salesforce Commerce Cloud, merchants unlock an unparalleled toolset to amplify decision-making precision. This integration has seen merchants slash false declines of legitimate transactions by a staggering 85%.

Acceleration through Automated Decision-Making

The synergy between Forter and Salesforce is a testament to the transformative potential of automation and machine learning. This partnership has enabled merchants to achieve over 99% of transaction decisions in less than 700 milliseconds, all without a single manual review. The speed at which decisions are made is pivotal, particularly as digital commerce undergoes radical shifts, such as the surge in Buy Online Pickup In-Store (BOPIS) services. Our collaboration empowers merchants to instantaneously gauge consumer trustworthiness, seamlessly adapting to the growing trend of bridging online and offline experiences.

Navigating Complex Regulatory Landscapes

Operating within the European Economic Area (EEA) demands adherence to stringent PSD2 regulations. This regulatory landscape mandates Secure Consumer Authentication, often implemented through 3D-Secure (3DS). Yet, introducing an extra security layer often introduces friction, leading to transaction failures and revenue loss. Forter’s approach optimizes PSD2 exemptions, minimizing the impact of 3DS and elevating conversion rates. Through our collaboration, EEA businesses have achieved over 80% reductions in failure and abandonment rates, translating into substantial incremental revenue.

The Forter-Salesforce Power Duo

Salesforce’s expertise in crafting intelligence-driven customer experiences seamlessly complements Forter’s proficiency in machine learning and automation. While Salesforce’s B2C Commerce tailors buying journeys, Forter’s platform-certified integration amplifies this experience, ensuring real-time, precise decisions while curtailing revenue loss due to fraud and abuse. This partnership isn’t solely about technology; it’s about empowering merchants to champion customer trust, personalization, and unprecedented growth.

Realizing Triumph Through Real-World Stories

Real-world businesses have reaped the rewards of the Forter and Salesforce partnership. Deckers, a performance footwear brand, employed Forter’s real-time decisioning to expedite approvals, enhancing customer experiences. Mattress Firm, grappling with chargebacks, turned to Forter’s fraud prevention system for real-time decisions, drastically reducing false positives. 

As VP of Omnichannel for ASICS, Sean Condon knew they needed an automated approach to fraud prevention that could scale to meet future growth. With a goal of enhancing the customer experience (and building trust), they turned to Forter — taking advantage of the Salesforce Commerce Cloud integration to ensure customers experience a friction-free buying journey.

“Integrating Forter through their Salesforce Commerce Cloud cartridge was virtually seamless and significantly streamlined our fraud prevention efforts,” Condon said. “It allowed us to quickly automate 100% of online transactions — increasing approval rates and decreasing false declines and chargebacks with a secure and frictionless shopping experience we can rely on.”

Anticipating an Illuminated Commerce Landscape

The evolution of the Forter and Salesforce partnership marks a pivotal moment in shaping digital commerce’s future. As we march forward, our alliance promises a future defined by seamless, customer-focused experiences, erasing friction and heightening decision-making precision. Through the strategic application of automation and machine learning, this partnership is poised to propel increased revenue, reduced fraud, and – above all – delighted customers.

I invite you to explore the transformative power of our certified B2C Commerce integration and plugin in shaping your organization’s commerce landscape. To learn more, visit our Salesforce AppExchange.

This partnership between Forter and Salesforce stands as an inspiring testament to collaboration and innovation, equipped to guide businesses through the complex terrains of the modern consumer-driven era.

3 minute read