Published: May 11, 2023
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Written by: Forter Team

Each quarter, we recognize Forterians who go above and beyond to make a lasting IMPACT at Forter with our IMPACT Awards.

Embodying Forter’s values can take many forms — with the only criteria that the winners make a significant IMPACT on their colleagues, customers or the Forter community by being:

  • Inclusive: By creating an environment where everyone feels they belong, we can win as one team. 
  • Mission-driven: We have a clear sense of purpose and are willing to go the extra mile for customers.
  • Principled: When we make decisions, we do what’s right. 
  • Attentive: We are present and always listen first. 
  • Courageous: We dare to take risks and view mistakes as learning opportunities. 
  • Transparent: We openly share ideas, information and opinions because we trust each other.

We’re excited to share our IMPACT award winners from Q1!

  • Beth Woods, Support Lead, EMEA
  • Molly Dondero, Events Manager
  • Or Zarchi, Staff Engineer
  • Yehonatan Zecharia, Staff Software Engineer

Give us a little background about yourself — who are you, and what do you like to do in your free time?

Beth: “I live just outside London with my boyfriend and our two-year-old springer spaniel, Lana. She has loads of energy, meaning I’m often found out on a walk or playing in the garden.”

Molly: “I was born and raised in Dallas, TX but made a move to NYC in early 2023! In my free time, I enjoy turning on some tunes and cooking a nice dinner. It’s my time to unwind, and it is slowly becoming one of my favorite parts of the day.”

Or: “I live in Tel Aviv, about a 20-minute walk from the Forter office. I enjoy reading way too many books (mainly SciFi & Fantasy), playing the occasional console game and love to travel with my wife.”

Yehonatan: “I live in Tel Aviv, where I was born and raised. When I’m not at work, you could probably find me in one of several coffee shops or beautiful open spaces the city has to offer.”

Explain your role at Forter.

Beth: “Working in Support at Forter is all about making sure the merchant experience is as good as it can be. I focus on ensuring our customers are enabled to use the portal, and any problems they encounter are addressed.”

Molly: “As the Events Manager, my job is to create memorable experiences for our customers and prospects. I spend my days handling logistics for events and tradeshows and figuring out how to make Forter stand out and leave a lasting impression.”

Or: “I’m a Staff engineer on the Payments team. I’m in charge of the tech side of our medium to large payments projects, initiatives and proof of concepts.”

Yehonatan: “I’m a staff engineer on the Payments team. I own the technical aspect of our main payment optimization system and work to keep myself and the team involved with the product and business aspects as well.”

What is one fun fact that people might now know about you?

Beth: “I love kayaking and even have an inflatable Kayak to get out on the water.”

Molly: “I’m ranked #17 in Tetris in Dallas. It is my random phone gaming addiction, and I’m getting pretty good.”

Or: “I’m the company leader in custom Slack emojis — meaning I’ve uploaded the most, and others have uploaded many about me!”

Yehonatan: “I’m the team’s supreme authority when it comes to music. I manage the playlist to the utter satisfaction of everyone (no matter what they say).”

2 minute read