Published: December 7, 2021
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Written by: Forter Team

Whether you’re shopping for shoes or booking an airline ticket, logging into your account should be a seamless experience. Not only that, but it should feel secure. You need to know that the only one logging into your account is you. 

Security is the driving force behind today’s announcement of Forter Trusted Identities. It represents the application of our decision engine earlier in the eCommerce journey at sign-up and log-in. 

Here’s the reality: Account Takeover (ATO) attempts are on the rise. Based on our proprietary data, ATO increased by 55% in the last year as fraudsters sought to take advantage of new users entering the world of eCommerce. Note: this data is available in Forter’s Annual eCommerce Revenue Optimization (AERO) Report. Click here to access the reports with no forms or gates of any kind

Forter Trusted Identities:

  • Protects against ATO efforts that seek to exploit consumer credentials. 
  • Blocks fraudsters from abusing systems and policies by creating multiple accounts. 

And in doing so, it frees businesses to shift their focus from stopping fraud and abuse to growing revenue from their best customers. 

How it works:

  • When authenticating a user at log-in, Trusted Identities draws on Forter’s Identity Graph of more than one billion online personas. 
  • Machine learning pinpoints the identity behind the log-in attempt to issue an automated decision in a fraction of a second. 

The same goes for account sign-up; Forter’s Identity Graph can determine whether a given identity is new, or associated with one or more other accounts. 

As a result, Forter Trusted Identities not only protects the integrity of consumer credentials but also of online marketplaces. As one example, some businesses make exclusive merchandise available to customers by lottery. If a single identity can ‘game’ the lottery by creating many accounts (and therefore enter the lottery many times), they have an unfair advantage. Forter prevents this scenario and secures consumer trust. 

Simplify Authentication

Forter Trusted Identities also has the potential to simplify authentication for legitimate customers. It can be integrated with a business’ existing multi-factor authentication solution, such that when Forter authenticates a customer, they may not need to be required to pass multiple other authentication gates (no traffic lights, crosswalks, or pin codes).

By bringing this consumer intelligence to eCommerce, we’re working to ensure everyone receives the experience they deserve—fraudsters are frustrated and consumers are consistently delighted.

For more information about Forter Trusted Identities, please visit the Solution page on our website, or read this short Solution Brief.

2 minute read