Published: January 9, 2018
Reading time: 3 minute read
Written by: Kayla Parker

If you are like millions of other people on the planet, you too probably made a New Year’s resolution to kick off 2018. Just like losing those extra holiday lbs., we here at Forter want to help you stick to your New Year’s goals, and cut the fat from your current fraud prevention system.

2017: Too Big for His Breaches

2017 saw no shortage of data breaches. In fact, between the exposure of the voting data of nearly 200 million people, the Equifax breach impacting over 143 million and many more, 2017 saw more than 1.9 billion records made vulnerable in just the first half of the year alone.

So let’s cut to the chase – How can we keep safe and still enjoy the perks of living in a technological world? 2018 will bring us more gadgets (including voice-activated TVs and home robots), and more hot fashion trends you’ve just got to add to your shopping cart. Every added element of convenience means that our private data will become vulnerable to more points of penetration than ever before.

Consumers are vulnerable online, not just at the point of checkout but from the moment they log into their accounts.

Forter’s Got a Fix for That!

Forter’s suite of services offers End-to-End (E2E) coverage. That means unlike other fraud prevention services that only provide protection at checkout, Forter’s fully automated system will have you covered from the very instant a fraudster tries to sign up for a new account, or a would-be hacker tries to change a user’s personal account information, and so on, protecting users in every moment up to and including checkout.

Forter’s fully automated fraud solution gives merchants and their customers the ability to rest easy, knowing their data is protected from unnecessary manual reviews as well as from fraudsters. With other systems offering preventative measures and incomplete solutions, manual reviews play a large role in how their scores and decisions are made.

Forter’s system does away with manual reviews by basing its decisions on machine learning, refined and guided by the finest human researchers. The models stay up to date with the latest behavioral trends and fraud techniques automatically, combining the best of human ingenuity with the innovation and efficacy of the machine.

Smart Machines, Smart Decisions

No manual reviews means no delays in decisions. Forter’s system is highly scalable – our models learn and grow as they see more data points. As your customer base grows the new data is seamlessly incorporated into our system, ensuring a nuanced understanding of your customers with absolutely no friction on the user side!

Most fraud prevention services only offer solutions for limited points of vulnerability, whether that is sign up, login or checkout etc. Here at Forter, we aim to fortify your online shopping experience at every point of your journey. This means from login, to reward points, coupons, loyalty programs, referrals, checkout and beyond, our E2E system has you covered. We here at Forter are so confident in our fraud solution, that we offer a 100% fraud chargeback guarantee for all transactions we’ve approved at checkout, too. (Insert gasps of disbelief here).

20-Great Teen

We think your fraud solution should make your customers more secure and give them peace of mind. Forter understands that mitigating risks online can be complicated, especially while trying to innovate your online store in other ways. So why not leave the complicated calculations and fraudster-busting to us, and focus instead on growing your business in other ways? We will be there for you, every step of the way.

And your customers? Well, for one, they won’t feel a hint of all of our behind the scenes work. Our solution won’t slow your website down, or cause hiccups in service. With full automation, we’re not only there 100% of the time, but we seamlessly give decisions in less than 1 second. That’s faster than you can say, “Happy New Year!”

Check out our new year’s resolutions for 2018 here. If you’re resolved to make 2018 fraud-free for your business, get in touch.


3 minute read