Instant Fraud Decisions for Cryptocurrency Transactions

Worldpay and Forter partner to provide real-time fraud prevention and chargeback indemnification for fiat-to-crypto transactions. Reduce declines and chargebacks by up to 90%, while minimizing customer friction.

“By combining with Forter’s market-leading network and AI-based fraud prevention platform, FIS can help its cryptocurrency clients shift from a niche market to the mainstream while maintaining high standards of security.”

Shane Happach
EVP, Head of Global eCommerce Worldpay Merchant Solutions, FIS

Grow your business without fear of fraud

Increase Revenue
Forter accurately declines fraudulent transactions, resulting in increased bank authorization rates, and reduces declines of legitimate customers, maximizing your revenue.
Seamless Customer Experience
Time-sensitive transactions require real-time decisions. Attract new and repeat users by providing a seamless experience enabled by 100% automation, removing the need for manual reviews.
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Reduce Fraud Costs
Forter reduces chargebacks by up to 90% while also protecting against “friendly fraud,” common to cryptocurrency exchanges due to the anonymity.

Forter’s Fraud Prevention Platform for Cryptocurrency

Forter’s integrated fraud prevention platform is powered by an expanding global data network, built on a foundation of machine learning and fraud expertise and resulting in the most accurate fraud decisions even within the advanced cryptocurrency fraud ecosystem.

Real-Time Fraud Decisions

Instantly approve or decline decisions for seamless experiences on time-sensitive transactions. There is no need for manual reviews or scaling during spikes in traffic.

Chargeback Guarantee

Eliminate financial liability on card-to-crypto transactions that are especially susceptible to fraud. Forter’s fraud decisions are backed by a chargeback guarantee.

Global Data Network

Aggregates data from multiple merchants across verticals and geographies to provide the most comprehensive view of fraudulent activities and accurately identify legitimate consumer behavior and interactions.

Decision Dashboard

Track your card-to-crypto transactions, business KPIs, and fraud prevention performance through a single, easy-to-use dashboard.

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