Fashion & Beauty

Ensure your online store showcases the best your brand has to offer, and allows your customers to shop their favorite items, seamlessly.
“Working with Forter has changed our approach to fraud management… We can now provide a more positive, seamless experience for our clients as well as strengthening our e-commerce.”
Manolo Blahnik steps into a new era of online shopping with their approach to fraud prevention Manual reviews to evaluate fraud led to high transaction decline rates. Forter’s real-time, accurate decisioning has increased approval rates, customer satisfaction, revenue, and the company’s ability to efficiently process and fulfill online orders.


Help your customers travel with ease. Booking travel and accommodations shouldn’t be complicated. Help streamline the payment process so your customers enjoy the trip, not the friction.
"We chose to partner with Forter to ensure that our customers enjoy a safe and smooth experience when booking travel on Priceline."
Priceline says yes to more deals Balancing the need for strong safeguards against fraud while maintaining a seamless customer experience for travelers is a challenge. Forter’s real-time decisioning and global network helped identify good customers and block fraud and abuse.

Food & Beverage

Your business demands speed and accuracy. Customers want their meals hot, on time, and to their specifications—whether it's for delivery or at the restaurant. Real time, accurate decisions help you process orders fast, without a side of fraud.
“Our loyalty program allows us to say thanks by rewarding customers with better benefits and a better experience...Forter has helped us reduce loyalty fraud by more than 60% and build stronger relationships with our customers."
Forter delivers real-time fraud prevention and loyalty solutions to needed to maintain the seamless checkout their customers expected, while reducing chargebacks and minimizing fraud.

Home & Garden

A surge in home improvement projects means new customers and new opportunities. Being able to quickly and effectively identify good customers from potential fraudsters is key to building trust and sustainable long-term relationships.
"Forter's team provided exemplary service… We could not have asked for an easier implementation, and their online tools and reporting make it very easy to understand how we’re performing.”
Automated fraud prevention increases MattressFirm’s revenue and reduces chargeback rate As its e-commerce business continued to grow, the company needed a robust fraud prevention solution to help lower chargebacks (which were in excess of 5%), but not hinder the sales process. Forter’s solution slashed chargebacks by 94%.


Brand perception, rapid innovation, and high perceived value make consumer electronics a hot commodity around the world. Automated fraud prevention helps you meet demand by processing new orders quickly while keeping customers happy.
"Forter has allowed us to focus our resources where they matter most, company growth and the future."
Forter lifts sales for leading electronics online retailer OWC Selling valuable electronics comes with a risk. Online criminals love to purchase these goods, as they are always popular and are easy to resell. Forter’s accuracy and real-time decisioning reduced friction for good customers and blocked the fraudsters.

Physical Goods & Digital Services

From freelance services to online coupons, a fast-paced industry requires fraud prevention that can keep up. With fully automated, real-time decisioning, you can make fraud management more predictable and improve your customer experience.
“Cryptocurrency is seeing a lot of interest from new, legitimate customers as well as potential fraudsters. Having a trusted partner like Forter has been integral in keeping the fraudsters at bay.”
Fraud prevention helps Coinmama build credibility and expand crypto offerings Coinmama faced a number of challenges including skeptical regulators, challenging banks and potential friendly fraud. Forter’s integrated solution made fraud management more predictable for Coinmama and improved the customer experience.

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