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Payment Protection

Payment Fraud Protection Created with Sketch.

Payment Fraud Protection

Forter protects all of your online transactions from fraud – regardless of payment type – by accurately determining the trustworthiness of every transaction and the user behind it.

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Phone Fraud Protection

Forter’s adaptive authentication capabilities protect your call centers from fraud in real-time.

PSD2 Solution for Merchants Created with Sketch.

PSD2 Solution for Merchants

Forter automatically evaluates the risk of each transaction affected by the directive and routes it through the path of least possible friction.

Omnichannel Fraud Protection Created with Sketch.

Omnichannel Fraud Protection

Forter protects your various customer channels from fraud so you can provide omnichannel offerings like BOPIS (Buy Online, Pickup Instore) and more without risk.

Chargeback Guarantee Created with Sketch.

Chargeback Guarantee

Forter protects you from chargebacks by assuming full chargeback liability, improving your bottom-line.

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Chargeback & Claims Resolution

Forter enables merchants to streamline claims management and identify dispute opportunities in real-time.

Case Study: Jomashop

Case Study: Jomashop

Forter offers a frictionless purchase experience, increasing approvals and never slowing customers down. Jomashop has been able to expand their domestic and international sales seamlessly, without the fear of fraud.
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Forter Solutions

Account Protection

  • Account Takeover
  • Loyalty Program Protection
  • Sign-Up Abuse
  • Marketplace Abuse
  • Seller Abuse
  • Private Label Card Applications
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Policy Abuse Protection

  • Return Abuse
  • Item Not Received Abuse
  • Promo Abuse
  • Reseller Abuse
  • Reshipper Abuse
  • Content Integrity
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Forter’s Ninth Fraud Attack Index: Ecommerce volumes are up, so is fraud - are you prepared?