Forter’s real-time decisions are a fantastic tool - they simply remove the stress from the review process. Best of all, we can process more orders with less effort during those busy holiday periods.
Eileen Thomas
Operations, Logistics and Risk Management
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High False Positive Rate Causing Friction at Checkout

High false positive rate causing friction at checkout

James Allen’s team of fraud analysts were successful at blocking fraud, but their approach led to a high false positive rate and friction at checkout. The team would have to call customers to ask for additional information to validate their identities. The company needed a more efficient fraud prevention solution.

Reducing friction and processing more orders

James Allen wanted a solution with real-time decisioning to reduce the number of good customers getting flagged as risky, and provide a seamless experience at checkout. The company also wanted to process more orders and increase approvals during busy periods without adding more work and stress for the fraud analyst team.

Solution improves experience and reduces stress

Forter’s Payment Fraud Protection Solution has allowed James Allen to streamline the fraud prevention process, improving the false positive rate by 21% and chargeback rate by 15%. The customer experience at checkout is now seamless, and James Allen customers are no longer bothered by phone calls to validate their identity.

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