Having a faster approve/decline decision gives customers less time for buyer's remorse. We find there are fewer cancellations because of this. It's a more seamless experience for the customer.
Osher Karnowsky
General Manager
650+ world renowned brands, delivers luxury items to over 150 countries
Forter customer since 2014

Using Analytics to Reduce Friendly Fraud and Chargebacks

Fraud prevention process too slow and limited growth

Jomashop’s approach to fraud prevention involved manual reviews and blacklisting. Manual reviews were time-consuming and delayed the shipment of orders by three days. Jomashop was automatically blacklisting risky countries which prevented the company from expanding to new markets and reaching good customers in those countries.

Bringing luxury goods to customers all over the world

Jomashop wanted a fully automated fraud prevention system that would eliminate manual reviews and speed up the fraud prevention process. The company also wanted an approach to fraud that would allow them to achieve their vision of “bringing sought-after luxury goods to every customer all over the world.”

Automated fraud management supports 35% international growth

With Forter’s Payment Fraud Protection Solution, Jomashop now has 100% automated decisioning and the need for manual reviews has disappeared. The approval rate has increased to 98.79%, and the company can now send purchases out to customers in just two hours. The company has also seen their international sales grow by 35%.

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